The BEST Outdoor Cat Tree & House Reviews

White and orange outdoor cat houses on grass against a brick wall.. The houses have the shape of a cats head cut out as the door hole

Top Cat Tree & Houses for Your Feline Companions

In this post, we’ll take a look at our best outdoor cat tree and houses, as well as the benefits of keeping your cats in a safe, enclosed place.

It is in a cat’s natural behaviour to roam around and hunt. So, keeping your pet indoors is safer than moving around outside. Your cat may develop the taste of going outdoors if you do not provide proper cat houses to them, and they may create side effects and undesirable behaviour.

If your cat has already enjoyed the freedom outdoors, then you are already too late. But do not worry, we have the right solution for you and your cats, i.e., Cat houses (Outdoor or indoor).

So why not invest in an o cat house/cat tree house? A structure designed specifically for outdoor spaces is the best marriage of both worlds. Your pet can feel like he is out in the fresh air, and you find comfort in knowing he is safe and secure.

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Our Best Outdoor Cat Trees:

  1. K&H PET PRODUCTS Outdoor Heated Kitty House
  2. Furhaven Pet – Tiger Tough Tall Cat Tree Entertainment Playground Furniture for Cats & Kittens
  3. Chocolate Gable Outdoor Heated Kitty House
  4. PAWZ Road Cat Tree Luxury Cat Tower
  5. AmazonBasics Large 3, Tier Cat Cage Playpen Box
  6. Outdoor Cat House (Weather Proof) Pet Fit
  7. VivaPet Wooden Hide House
  8. Cat Playhouse Grey by Dibea

Why Keep Your Cat In a Cat House?

It is estimated that outdoor cats live 3 – 4 years, whereas indoor cats live 14 – 17 years. This vast difference in life expectancy should be the main reason to keep your cat safe and sound within the perimeter of your home.

Preventing your furry feline from wandering the neighbourhood means he’ll avoid the following:

  • Wild animals
  • Poisons
  • Catfight wounds
  • Parasites
  • Cars
  • Viral infections

If your pet began their life outside, moving them inside permanently may be a challenge. So why not provide a fantastic climbing tree or multi-level cat home that can be used both indoor or outdoor, surrounded by an enclosure such as a fence or screen? Cats in captivity have particular requirements to make sure they’re stimulated and happy.

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Benefits of a Cat House/Tree:

To provide better Welfare and Environment.

If you’ve decided that your cat should remain inside permanently, there are safe ways to have them experience the outside world, such as perching on a (closed) window or observing the world from atop of a tall indoor cat tree.

The next option, and the focus of this post, is an outdoor cat tree is perhaps the best way to protect your cat while allowing him to experience a taste of the great outdoors.

To allow your cats to do maximum exercise.

Cats who live indoors are probably getting less exercise than outdoor pets. There are no trees to climb, nothing to hunt, and less territory to roam. To avoid an overweight cat, encourage active play and games that involve running and chasing.

When choosing an outdoor cat tree, make sure there are many levels, perches, and hiding places to pique his interest and keep him active.

What should you look for in an outdoor cat tree?

There are multiple things to look for in a perfect cat house, such as:

Check the equipment of Cat House.

An appropriate scratching surface should be first on the list. Not only does scratching promote good claw health, but scratching also works off stress.
Your pet can also benefit from a range of toys to keep him stimulated.

Finally, your indoor cat should be able to access most of the House or have free rein over the enclosed outdoor space you’ve allotted, so he doesn’t get bored.

Check for best quality materials.

Regardless of the climate, you live in, and you’ll want to make sure that anything you keep outdoors for your cat is made of strong materials to endure the environment. Examples are water-repellent canvas and natural wood. Avoid fabrics like carpeting, which can get dirty quickly and absorb water, or particleboard, turning to porridge in the rain.

Cat House must be durable.

If your cat tree is free-standing outdoors, you should ensure that the construction is sturdy and has a solid base that won’t topple over during vigorous activity. Conversely, if you plan to pack it up at the end of each day, it should be easy to assemble and take down.

It must give protection to your kitty.

An outdoor cat tree won’t provide any security if you don’t offer something to cover it or shelter your pet. While you won’t be keeping your cats outdoors in the driving rain, it’s important to have fencing, netting, or screens surrounding the structure to avoid wandering and to shade your fur-buddies from the elements.

Here is the list of the world’s best Cat Houses for your feline friends:

Outdoor Heated Kitty House Extra-Wide By K&H PET PRODUCTS

  • Solid wood construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great for multiple cats
  • Delivery sometimes arrives in multiple boxes, which can be cumbersome and heavy.

This unique and cool cat shelter assembles in mere minutes thanks to the hook & loop fasteners on its walls and simple directions. Its 600 denier nylon construction and vinyl backing create a water-resistant structure that protects cats from snow, rain, and wind. A roof overhang helps protect the House’s front and rear doorways.

This House has all the excellent features as any original Outdoor Heated Kitty House. This wide House is the perfect shelter for one or multiple cats. Easy to assemble with a zipped roof. Also available in an unheated version.


This cat house for outdoor cats is easy to assemble and comfortable for outdoor cats, feral cats, or community cats.

Perfect for cats that sleep in garages, barns, porches, or even in the home
The two exits include removable clear door flaps to protect the kitty from the harsh elements of winter.

Tool-free assembly and includes removable door flaps

Furhaven Pet – Tiger Tough Tall Cat Tree Entertainment Playground Furniture for Cats & Kittens

  • Wonderful cat relaxing spots
  • Meet cats instincts
  • Water-based paint is non-toxic and will not peel
  • The company will replace damaged parts within one year without any cost.
  • It comes with a one-year comprehensive warranty.
  • The slots on the ground floor are not connected (for ventilation). It would be a good idea to lay a mat or carpet to avoid getting stuck.
  • Not an ideal model for big cats.
  • The fabric can be damaged if left outside in the rain.

This Furhaven Tiger Tough cat playground is designed to keep your favourite feline endlessly entertained with its diverse offering of activities, ranging from stimulating toys, stress-relieving scratching posts to elevated multi-level platforms for verticality and exercise. Plush faux fur covers all imaginable play and sleeps surfaces to enhance your pet’s comfort further.


ENTERTAINMENT: The cat tree playground features many fun activities to keep your favourite cat entertained, such as a plush ball toy, scratching posts, and an engaging cat IQ busy box.

SCRATCH POST: The scratching posts are wrapped in top quality sisal fibre, which carries the rough, bark-like texture of a tree better to satisfy your cat’s instinctual need to scratch; the material is also highly durable for long-lasting, economical use.

COZY SURFACE: The platforms and perch are lined with faux linen fur that is very soft and gentle on both paws and noses for enhanced play and comfort.

The cat tower comes with a perch, which provides a cosy nestling space for cats to curl up and snuggle in ultimate comfort.

Available in multiple colours: The cat playground comes in Brown, Blue, Cream, and Gray

Chocolate Gable Outdoor Heated Kitty House

  • Solid wood construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great for multiple cats
  • Delivery sometimes arrives in a large box, which can be cumbersome and heavy.

This spacious, multi-cat kitty house is the perfect shelter for any outdoor cat. The K&H Outdoor Multi-Kitty A-Frame is the only outdoor cat shelter with a heated bed that keeps up to four warm and comfy felines in cool temperatures.

Perfect for use in barns, garages, sheds, and porches. The waterproof fabric and satisfying and unique roof design helps keep cats warm and dry and offers a comforting shelter that is large enough for up to four kitties.

Easy to assemble with hook & loop fasteners, meaning no tools required.


The Outdoor Multi-Kitty A-Frame features two heated cat house is perfect for keeping cats warm from outdoor cold temperatures.

The featured 40 Watt met safety listed heated bed inside keeps your kitties warm, even in sub-zero temperatures.

The two doors, with removable clear door flaps to protect the cat from the harsh environment of winter.

Perfect for cats that sleep In garages, porches, barns, or even in the home.
These heated cat houses have been tested & certified by met Labs to exceed USA/CA electrical safety standards.

One-year limited warranty

PAWZ Road Cat Tree Luxury Cat Tower with Double Condos

  • Tall
  • Sturdy
  • Posts are partially covered with sisal for good claw health.
  • Made of natural wood, which is naturally fortified against the elements
  • Due to its size, you should measure your space to ensure you can accommodate it.

This wooden cat tree is the UPGRADE VERSION of the Luxury Carpet Cat Tree. It shares the same design as the traditional carpet cat tree. The sleek and stylish finishes make it outstanding in looks while not compromising its function and comfort. It fits better in modern and trendy decor.


COZY AND PRIVACY: The dual condos come with ultra-soft cushion offered a quiet and private place to curl up, sleep, and rest. The cubby house’s different distribution satisfy different ages of cats as the floor apartment requires no steps is excellent for elder and young kittens.

REASONABLE AND DETACHABLE: Your little “tiger” is fascinated with the fuzzy ball. With the unique design, the dangling ball is detachable, and you could replace it if it is torn off.

HEALTHY AND FUN: Fully wrapped with natural sisal, the scratching post will completely satisfy their instinct of scratching and keeps their claws from your expensive furniture! The ramp covered with sisal mat not only aids the cat to the upper level and increases the scratching experience.

BEAUTIFUL AND STURDY: This modern and upgrade tree with a sleek construction and stylish finishes looks clean and plentiful. Its heavy-duty baseboard and well-balanced design ensure its stability.

WIDEN AND SPACIOUS: The extra-large elevated perch with raised rim offer maximum comfort and strong support for a feline friend while they are lounging and resting. It stands 34 inches tall, is the perfect height for bird watching and enjoy the sunshine. Your felines will love it!

AmazonBasics Large 3, Tier Cat Cage Playpen Box

  • A great model for active, energetic cats
  • Durable and solid construction
  • Great for multiple cats
  • Platforms are wide enough for even the largest cat.
  • This isn’t ideal for sedentary cats, as the levels encourage jumping and climbing.
  • Cats may injure themselves.

Give feline friends a fun, safe place to hang out and play with the AmazonBasics 3-Tier Cat Cage Playpen. The spacious wire cage works well for anything from keeping rambunctious kittens safely contained to slowly introducing a new feline to the family or giving an older cat a haven to call her own.

The AmazonBasics cat cage playpen also works well for foster parents, rescue groups, and animal shelters3-tier cat cage gives cats or kittens a fun, safe place to hang out or play.

The comfortable cat cage playpen provides room for all the essentials—food, litter, water, and bedding (not included), plus offers space for the kitty to stretch, move around, and explore.

Its three shelves, which are staggered for easy jumping from one to the other, provide valuable vertical space for resting, playing, or thoroughly enjoying the view from a higher vantage point.


Made of highly durable metal wire with a black rust-resistant finishing material.

Three shelves offer vertical space for resting or playing for your cats.

Two swing-open doors for easy access to the inside.

Secure-locking door latches.

The removable leak-proof plastic floor pan will make it waterproof.

Outdoor Cat House (Weather Proof) Pet Fit

  • Made of pine wood, which is known for its waterproof properties
  • Can catch up to 5 cats
  • Patsfate offers a one-year replacement warranty for damaged parts.
  • The instructions are image-based and can be confusing.
  • Some users suggested that it be flown slightly above the ground to protect it from moisture.

Like other PetsFate models, this outdoor cat shelter includes solid pine wood, non-toxic paint, and durable, rugged construction. Featuring solid wood and asphalt roofing, it looks more like a cottage than a cat climbing structure!

This model is made to withstand the weather, and your pet will love it. To relax in various places and hide from the elements, your fascinating cats can instantly sleep in their private space or even travel to some level up to the observation deck, where they can enjoy nature’s activities.

The Patsfet Outdoor Cat House has a removable top for easy cleaning, and pre-drilled holes make it easy to assemble. This is a perfect value option for pet owners who want a safe, reliable, well-kept pet centre.


Free Replacement: Any damaged parts within one year, please contact Petsfit to get replacements.

Large and Sturdy: The cat house is large enough for 1-2 cats up to 18lb and one cat with kittens.

The solid wood material is strong for cats to stay and play inside.

Weatherproof: Best for outdoor

Two Doors for easy access

Easy Assemble

VivaPet Wooden Hide House

  • Provides safe dry space for your cat
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Affordable
  • Compact Size
  • Folds away when not in use.
  • Not suitable for multiple cats
  • Not suitable for large cats
  • No Play area

The VivaPet Wooden Hide house is Amazon’s choice for outside cat house. Its affordable price and small form factor make is a perfect choice for most pet owners.


Fully weatherproof: This cat house can be used in all weathers without being damaged.

Dry Space: There is a solid roof on the house so your cat can remain dry throughout the day or night.

Easy Cleaning: The top of the cat house lifts off making it easier to clean.

Cat Playhouse Grey by Dibea

  • Two Stories
  • Attractive
  • Suitable for Multiple Cats
  • Fully Weather-proof
  • Variety of access ways
  • Not Easy To clean
  • Might not be suitable for large cat breeds

The cat house is beautiful to look at. It will compliment any home both inside and outside. It comes in two sizes, a smaller cave and a larger villa model. With all the doors and shelves inside your kitties will have the best time finding all the best spots.


Weatherproof: This cat house is fully weatherproof; meaning you can keep it inside or outside all year long.

Access Ways: There are so many ways your kitty can access the Dibea cat houses. As we know cats are curious animals, they will love exploring all the areas.

Attractive Design: This cat house has a modern and clean design that would compliment any home or garden.

Kerbl Cat House Lodge

  • Wonderful cat relaxing spots
  • Meet cats instincts
  • Water-based paint is non-toxic and will not peel
  • It comes with a one-year comprehensive warranty
  • The slots on the ground floor are not connected (for ventilation). It would be a good idea to lay a mat or carpet to avoid getting stuck.
  • Not an ideal model for big cats.

Kerbl Cat House Lodge cat playground is designed to keep your favorite feline endlessly entertained with its diverse offering of activities, ranging from stimulating toys, stress-relieving scratching posts to elevated multi-level platforms for verticality and exercise. A Weatherproofed bitumen roof protects from rain or other harsh environmental conditions. Swinging a door with a transparent flap gives protection to your pet against the elements.


  • Resting place
  • Two storied
  • Measures 77 cm length by 50 cm width by 73 cm height
  • Delivered in pieces for self-assembly
  • Includes assembly instructions


We would have to declare the Kerbl Cat House Lodge to be the clear winner on our list. Each product from this company is hand-constructed from actual logs. The resulting profile most closely resembles a treehouse in the wild, giving your fur-friends the illusion of being in the wild. 

With all of the extra amenities such as double story posts and a glazed protective wood paint, the Kerbl Cat House Lodge not only stimulates and entertains your pet it also provides an ideal area for comfortable living. While our top suggested products may have a higher price point than other items on our list, It’s worth investing to receive something so easy to assemble, so sturdy, and durable.

Suppose your cat loves being in the fresh air, purchasing a play structure specifically designed for the outdoors, or makes it possible to recreate the feeling of being outside. Going the extra step to add a fence or screen to properly contains your pets will provide security for them and peace of mind for you.


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