The BEST Electronic Cat Toys For Indoor Cats

A fluffy Brown cat playing with a fluffy orange toy

Before I moved my cat Owlie to my flat she had access to a garden. I was worried that by making her an indoor cat she would be bored in the day when I am at work. I then decided to search the market for the best electronic cat toys for indoor cats.

This article was made to help all cat owners that worry about what their fur baby will be up to whilst they are busy or working.

According to the Pet Obesity Prevention Association, 60% of cats in the United States alone are obese. You think your cat is a professional sofa potato, but cats like to exercise, in true cat style, when they decide its time to exercise.

If you’re looking for ways to get your kitty off the couch, interactive electric cat toys are your best bet. These toys encourage your cat to run, jump and slip while honouring its hunting aspects, which increases your dear friend’s health and happiness.

However, there are many cat toys on the market, and choosing a cat toy (or toys) can be an intimidating task. There are many jungle toys, plush toys, cane toys, and canopy toys, so how do you know what’s best for your cat and how to keep your cats mentally engaged? Which one would you like to play?

Fortunately, there is no right or adverse answer to that, but electric cat toys can help a lot.

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What Are Electronic Cat Toys?

Electronic toys are often just electronic versions of the toys we mentioned above. Laser lights, artificial electric fish toys, and many moving electric butterflies are the best electronic cat toys, and many cats like to chase them around the house.

Electronic cat toys are an excellent method to help your feline mate to meet their daily exercise needs and are a fun and exciting way to communicate with your pet. They’re readily available at almost any pet store and come in a variety of styles to suit your pet’s preferences.

With electronic cat toys, helping your best friend meet their daily exercise needs can also provide mental satisfaction to your cats, along with relieving stress.

We reviewed dozens of electronic cat toys based on Amazon reviews to identify the best performance, how well they performed in longevity tests, cost, and other considerations.

To ensure a healthy and happy kitty, we have done our search to buy cat owners with five rated electronic cat toys.

Here Are Out Top Choices For The Best Electronic Cat Toys For Indoor Cats:

  1. PIXNOR Pet Toy for Cats Automatic Cat Toys Rotating Catch Training
  2. AONKEY Robotic Interactive Cat Toy
  3. DADYPET Cat Laser Toy
  4. X-CHENG Cat Toys -7 in 1 Mini Interactive
  5. Iokheira Interactive Cat Toys Ball (3rd Gen)
  6. DazSpirit Fish Toys Moving Fish Toy
  7. OurPets Play-N-Squeak Twice the Mice Cat Toy

Our personal favourite is the OurPets Play-N-Squeak Twice the Mice Cat Toy. Owlie loves to play with smaller toys, probably because she is a small cat to be honest. The small size of the mice would allow her to carry them around the house and hide them until her next playtime.

Things To Consider When You Are Buying An Electric Cat Toy

Your cat should always have some toys to play with so that they do not get bored, physically, and mentally engaged, as well as fun to help them. All cats are like people, so one cat will like it, the other will hate it.

Remember that there is no right or wrong response as to which electric toy your cat may like. However, there are a few things to consider when buying electric cat toys to ensure they are safe for your kitty and are right for their personal needs.


First and foremost, safety is careful. Cats are very playful, and if they like an electric toy, they will play with it. It will be a problem if the toy you bought is not safe, and now your cat likes it! Electric cat toys must be made from pet-friendly materials and should not contain small parts that can be swallowed or strangled. Make sure the toy you choose is safe.


As mentioned above, each cat is different and will have its likes and dislikes. Some cats like straight toys like electric mice, while others prefer very interactive, sophisticated toys such as electric puzzles and electric butterflies, etc.

In general, the more complex the toy, the more interactive your cats are, unless your cat is lazy at all!

Either way, you should always take note of your cat’s behaviour and likes and dislikes before purchasing because you know your cat better than anyone and will probably be able to gauge what kind of electric toys they are interested in!


There is no good if expensive electronic cat toys break in the first few days. Cats can be ruthless with toys and like to scratch, bite, and pull toys, so they need to be quite durable for the first few months or years.

The electronic cat toy you buy should be ready for a safe and durable material and robust design.


You should also consider the age and size of your cat. Kittens will generally need more mental and physical stimulation as they learn, so they need fast-moving electronic toys.

If you have a small cat in the house, complex or multiple electronic toys are better. At the same time, senior cats may need simple electronic toys such as electronic balls or strings because they may not be able to run and jump alongside smaller cats.

They can also benefit from a toy that they can play at their own pace. The size of your cat is essential, except for the stages of its life. If your cat is significantly huge or bulky, they want a big electronic toy to play with.

If your cat is on the minor side, they may want to play with small toys so that they can easily bat around. Again, this will depend on your cat’s preference because what works for one cat may not work for another.


Cats are naturally prone to prey. Although your home cat may not be as active in the wild, an electronic cat toy can be a great way to stimulate this instinct. Your cat is already showing symbols of predatory behaviour that you may not be aware of them. Things hanging on the cat’s table are often fell victim to it, or they will try to hide from you as quietly as possible.

This type of behaviour is support by cats through their genes, and although your cat is very different from a wild cat, their mothers have taught them how to catch prey or hunt. Therefore, you should consider this when buying electronic cat toys. They need toys that mimic their game – even if they probably don’t just look like toy movement prey.

PIXNOR Pet Toy for Cats Automatic Cat Toys Rotating Catch Training

  • Safe for eyesight
  • No wires to trip the cat
  • 3 Different Speeds for variety
  • Can be used by older cats
  • Automatic shut off timer
  • The laser doesn’t point very far
  • Some customers complained that the toy was quite noisy.
  • Battery Opperated

The Pixnor Pet Toy is a great, simple to use cat toy. There are 3 speeds to the laser which keeps the toy interesting. The slower speed allows older cats to enjoy the toy as they are able to keep up with the laser.

The automatic shut off timer makes this cat toy a good option for your cat if you need to work or leave the house. Because there are no wires attached to the toy it makes it much safer as your cat will not have a trip hazard whilst playing.

The biggest downside to the Pixnor Pet toy is that the laser itself does not point very far. This means that there isn’t much of a chase element to the toy.

AONKEY Robotic Interactive Cat Toy

  • Rechargeable
  • 2 Speeds
  • Automatically Senses Obstacles
  • 8 Hours of Power
  • Suitable For All Surfaces
  • Automatic Shut Offf Timer
  • Interchangeable Feathers
  • Attractive Flashing Lights
  • Some Cats Find It Scary

The AONKEY Robotic Interactive Cat Toy is a well made robust cat toy that will work on all floor surfaces in your home. The toy has a whooping 8 hours of battery life before needing to be recharged.

The toy is suitable for cat of all ages. The interchangeable feathers and attachments allow you to customise the toy to suit your cats play style.

The toy will work for 10 minutes then shut off for 1.5 hours. This feature is to stop your cat from overplaying and becoming exhausted.

The only downside to this toy is that more timid cats may find it scary as it moves very fast. Some owners say that their cat is not interested in it due to how fast the toy spins.

DADYPET Cat Laser Toy

  • 2 In 1 Toy
  • 4 Modes
  • Quiet
  • Rechargeable
  • Small Radius
  • Can Be Noisy
  • No Automatic Shut Off Timer

The DADYPET Cat Laser Toy is a great toy option if you are unsure if your kitty likes to play with lasers of feathers. Having both feathers and a laser also allows for multiple cats to play at one time.

The rechargeable battery means you don’t have to spend, what seems like forever, looking for spare batteries to keep your kitty entertained.

The laser on this toy has a small radius meaning you cat wont be able to get their full chase on but they can be entertained for hours as the toy doesn’t have an automatic shut off timer.

X-CHENG Cat Toys -7 in 1 Mini Interactive

  • Rechargeable
  • You Control Laser Pattern
  • Laser Has A Far Reach
  • The Cat Cannot Play On Their Own
  • Low Battery Life

The best thing about this cat toy is the freedom it gives you with regards to the laser patterns and how your cat can play. The laser can reach to all areas of the room in most houses.

The biggest restriction with this toy is the cat owner has to mannually control the laser, compared with the other laser toys we have shown on this list where they are automatic.

According to reviews the battery life is not fantastic but it is rechargeable so if it was to run out, it can be easily charged.

Iokheira Interactive Cat Toys Ball (3rd Gen)

  • Rechargeable
  • Automatic Shut Off Timer
  • Automatic Steering
  • Large Size – May Not Be Suitable For Kittens
  • Heavy – May Not Be Suitable For Kittens

The Iokheira Interactive Cat Toys Ball is a great option for larger cats. The ball is around the size of a tennis ball and is fairly heavy. Smaller or young cats might struggle to bat this around the house.

The cat toy is rechargeable and has automatic steering to move around the property. The toy also has a laser which we know cats love!

The materials used in the Iokheira Interactive Cat Toys Ball are durable so it can take a few knocks from bumping into objects and being hunted by your fur baby.

DazSpirit Fish Toys Moving Fish Toy

  • Optional Catnip
  • Washable Materials
  • Colour Options
  • Rechargeable
  • Realistic Looking
  • Noisy
  • Not Suitable For Timid Cats

This realistic fish cat toy will trigger your cats natural hunting skills. It provides up to 3 hours of play time for your cat so would be perfect if you wanted to keep your indoor cat busy whilst you are out.

The added element of catnip increases the enjoyment for the cat. It comes in a removable pouch, perfect for cat owners that do not like to give their cats catnip.

The cover is washable, if your cat is like mine she will attack mostly with her mouth which leaves everything a little soggy. The ability to wash and clean cat toys is so helpful.

This electronic cat toy may not be best suited for more shy or timid cats are the movements might startle them.

OurPets Play-N-Squeak Twice the Mice Cat Toy

  • Good For Multi-Cat Households
  • Great For Cats Of All Ages
  • Realistic Sounds
  • Not Built To Last

This electronic cat toy comes with two mice which makes it ideal for multi cat houses because they cats do not have to fight over a single toy.

The sounds that this cat toy make are super realistic which will peak your cats curiosity and trigger their natural hunting and playing instincts.

From the product reviews a few owners said that they toy only lasted a few months before their cat destroyed it. If you have a cat that enjoys total toy destruction this might not be the toy for you.

Why Is It Important For Cats To Play With Electronic Cat Toys?

Cats must play with electronic cat toys as they are safe, durable, and provide multiple tasks. Such laser light can confuse the cat, and you can watch your funny feline activities while playing with it using a laser.

A survey of toys, activities, and behavior problems in indoor cats discovered Electric balls having music can perform double functions; one is playing music, and the other is bouncing of typical ball that confuses your cat at the start, but they get used to it and love it afterwards.

Electronic Cat Toys Benefits

These electric cat toys are also beneficial for cats. They also help in keeping your cat fit and healthy here is how?


Keep in mind that if your cat doesn’t move or exercise at all and eats all day, it will get fat. By giving your cat electronic cat toy to play with, you’re getting them to be more active, running on and around things and jumping. This exercise helps them work their muscles, which allows them to avoid health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.


As your cat ages, its muscles and joints become more inactive. As we mentioned above, electronic cat toys are an excellent way for your cat to play and exercise, making sure they are using their muscles and joints and staying as agile as possible.

Cats are naturally exquisite and can jump to heights, so it is essential to encourage them to do so. It also helps them become more powerful jumpers, pioneers, and runners.


If your cat is misbehaving, chances are they are angry. When you think your cat likes to sit all day and stay in one place, they want to do something and play with it. When you play with them using electronic cat toys, you may notice a decrease in irregular scratches and urination where they should not be because they will have fun.

Electronic cat toys also help them stay focused and feel their prey, so they will never get bored.


Cats are often labelling as unacceptable pets, but this is not always true. While it’s true that they don’t get as much attention from their owners as dogs do, that doesn’t mean they don’t like it when you play with them.

If you pay enough with them and give them the right amount of attention, they can be as responsible for you as the dogs can be, and when you try to spend time with them, she appreciates it. Many cat owners report that they feel closer to their cat after spending some time with them playing with the electronic cat’s toys.


Rochelle is a self-claimed crazy cat lady and proud cat mum to Owlie! She has owned, rescued, and fostered cats throughout her whole life. Rochelle created Cats On My Mind as a hub for likeminded cat parents to get all the information they will ever need to give their fur babies their best life!

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