Recommended Cat Tunnel

folded tunnel with little brown tabby cat (Owlie) and a plant in the background.

Cats are curious animals and natural predators. Indoor cats need our help to provide them with all the things they need to live a happy life inside. One toy that can give your cat a lot of fun is the cat tunnel.

This post is full of information on my recommended cat tunnel and how to pick the best cat tunnels for your home. The cat tunnel I recommend is the Pawaboo 4 Way Cat tunnel. This cat tunnel is fantastic value for the features you get with it. Due to the size of the Pawaboo cat tunnel, it is suitable for cats in multi-cat households and a variety of breeds.

Of course, there are cheaper cat tunnels available on the market, however, choosing a cat tunnel solely for the lower price could result in a product that doesn’t last and a product that could potentially be harmful to your cat.

Why I Chose The Pawaboo 4 Way Cat Tunnel

For me, the Pawaboo 4 Way Cat Tunnel is the perfect option for most households, whether you only have one cat or multiple cats. The size of the cat tunnel will allow all your cats to all be able to play together safely.

The tunnel is full of useful features including; 4 tunnels, a central entrance/exit hole, toys that are attached, and it is foldable.


Portability is a really important feature for me as I live in a small apartment. Having the ability to easily fold the tunnel away after using it essential. I am told on a regular basis that this apartment is Owlie’s apartment due to the sheer amount of cat products and items in each room.

The Design:

The Pawaboo has 4 tunnels leading to a hold in the centre of the tunnel. This design allows multiple cats to play at the same time without fussing or fighting. The tunnels also make it more exciting for the cats as the have more places to explore and run through, and we all know how curious our kitties are.

At the end of one of the cat tunnels there are two balls attached with stretchy elastic. One of the balls has a little bell in to attract the cat to play with it. The balls add an extra dynamic to the cat tunnel which will excite your cats senses.


The materials used in this cat tunnel do not hold cat hair. I repeat they do not hold cat hair!! I hate when I find a new product for Owlie and its super soft and fluffy and I think its everything I’ve been looking for until a week later and its absolutely full of cat hair.

The Pawaboo can be easily wiped down with a cloth and cat hair will not stick to it. This will keep the tunnel, and your home, cleaner for longer.


For all the features you get with the Pawaboo 4 Way Cat Tunnel it is great value. Even though it is on the cost is on the cheaper side the tunnel does not look or feel cheap.

folded pawaboo cat tunnel
The Pawaboo 4 Way Cat Tunnel folded.

What I Don’t Like About The Pawaboo Cat Tunnel:

With everything in life, nothing is perfect and as much as I love this cat tunnel, it isn’t perfect. I would have preferred if the material was a little thicker to help make the tunnel more durable.

Due to the materials used this cat tunnel will not last forever, especially if you have larger cats or cats who have a more aggressive play style.

My cat Owlie is quite small for a cat, she is only 5 pounds, so it is quite hard for me to judge sizes on some cat products. She can manoeuvre around the tunnel with no problems, however, I can imagine large cat breeds might struggle to run through it. With that being said due to the other features of the cat tunnel there are still ways they could interact and play with the cat tunnel.

As mentioned previously, there is so much to love about the Pawaboo 4 Way Cat Tunnel. However, if you feel its not quite right for you read on to find out everything you need to know about cat tunnels and how to find the best one for you.

What Is A Cat Tunnel?

Cat tunnels promote the cat’s natural affinity for hunting and running. They also fulfil the instinct of a story to remain hidden. Cat’s tunnels can increase the exercise level of your cat and stimulate its brain.

These fantastic structures/tunnels come in a variety of sizes, lengths, and configurations. Whether your kitty is just a small kitten or she is a senior cat that has been running for years, the cat tunnel keeps your dear friend fit and healthy.

Why Do You Want A Cat Tunnel?

Cats love to play and discover, and they also like confined places, so a cat tunnel delivers a safe and fun place for them to devote some time. Cat tunnels are especially beneficial if you have an indoor cat that doesn’t have a chance to look outside.

The cat’s instinct is to find small spaces. In a forest, cat prey by hiding, observing, and then hunting their prey. So we also take care of the natural behaviour of cats for their welfare and fitness. That’s why in a small apartment or home, cat tunnels are the best option to fulfil their wild desires.

Play tunnels have become a favourite among cat lovers, and they are useful because:

  • They help cats exercise as they pass through tunnels. It ensures that cats stay healthy and well, and the vet seldom comes. It also keeps your cat away from getting obese. A study on Understanding and Managing Obesity in Dogs and Cats revealed that cat tunnels also save a lot of money by decreasing the number of vet visits and keeping them in good health (less medicine cost).
  • They help cats pass the time when cats get angry quickly, and tunnels allow them to take over their little brains.
  • It’s just fun to play with them because cats like to hide in tunnels.
  • It is a great way to keep your cat entertained when surrounded by guests who are allergic to cats.
  • A tunnel provides limited space for your cat while also providing exercise and recreation. It is a useful piece of sports equipment to prevent boredom.
  • Cat tunnels reduce cat fur by collecting maximum hair inside them; otherwise, they scatter everywhere in the house.
  • The tunnel helps keep the cat play in the solitary part of the house without creating any mess.

Cat Tunnel Features:

There are many cat tunnels on the market. There are plenty of factors to consider when considering the most extraordinary tunnel for cats.


One of the initial things to ponder is the design of the tunnel. Cat tunnels range from straight tunnels to more complex structures made in 3, 4, or even five different ways.

Some tunnels include cat playhouses, and some models even have tents.
It is vital to remember that your tunnel will be primarily a place for your cat to play. Some tunnels include a hole to throw out the cat’s head or a toy to entertain your cat. Various extra toys can also be provided along with it.

unfolded pawaboo cat tunnel with Owlie the cat in the middle
The Pawaboo 4 Way Cat Tunnel Unfolded. Modelled by Owlie

Size of the tunnel:

The design of your tunnel is depended upon the space you have in your house/apartment. Cat tunnels require a considerable place to fit, so consider that when buying.

Even the smallest tunnel will take up cherished space in your home, so before buying, you need to research the tunnel dimensions you prefer and make sure it fits in the available space.

Cat Tunnels, which are for double or for multiple cats, are usually more wide tunnels and take more space. On average small tunnel for little cats also consume 65 cm space at least.

Because cat tunnels can take up so much space, you’ll want to make sure the tunnel you choose is capable of fitting at various places. This means it should be easy to assemble and store when not in use. Some tunnels come with unique storage bags.

It is also essential to recall that cats, like humans, vary in size and shape. It is therefore vital to buy a tunnel that is suitable for the size of your cat. Some tunnels are designed with big cats in observance.


Cat Tunnels can be prepared from various materials, so there is another factor to consider when researching the superlative cat tunnel to purchase.

We all know that cats have very vicious claws, so the tunnel must be made of durable and robust material.

Some famous tunnels are made of tear-resistant polyester, which means the tunnel should last longer. Other tunnels emphasize more on comfort and are mainly made of soft materials such as suede.

All tunnels must be well built and safe for your cat to use.


Cat tunnels have variable prices depending upon their material, size, and usage. Some of the most highly recommended tunnels on Amazon usually have more price tag.

Tunnels made of good quality materials, such as ‘pop-up’ tunnels, maybe more expensive and more comfortable to transport – but they probably won’t last long, so a little more in the resulting tunnel. The right quality material is worth the price.

Tips For Choosing The Best Cat Tunnel

The best cat tunnel allows your cat to play, hide and sleep in safe places.
Many cats are timid, and pet owners may find themselves discovering dirty holes and other dirty places, so providing them with a clean and safe place to call their home is a big step. Also, the playing area is a must for cats’ growth and nourishment.

Remember, cat loves to explore, so most will love their new play tunnels.

Cats also enjoy discovering the world around them – small and confined spaces (one of the reasons cats love boxes!).

However, little angry or tamper cats are not yet ready to venture out. These cat tunnels are a prodigious way to keep cats excited and curious about their environment in a safe environment.

Cat tunnels are an excellent place for a snooze, too!

Let’s face it. If you spend all day looking for exciting games, you will be tired too! Unfortunately, we can not only sleep by rolling where we like, but our cats will do that.

There are lots of altered shapes and sizes of tunnels

You can choose which is best for your cat. A small tunnel with a devoted cat house might be best, or if you have multiple cats, a large tunnel with lots of tips and cranes would be best to find. If your pet cat is a little unsure about playing in the garden, consider an outdoor tunnel and cat house to play outside in safety.

Conclusion: Why do cats love tunnels?

Cats love to play in cat tunnels because the small, limited tunnel provides a safe place for them to enjoy and take a nap. They love chasing too. Those cat tunnels covered on most sides, with an open front area, allowing them to see what’s happening and bouncing are best cat tunnels and loved by felines.