Famous Cats Around The World

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There are many famous cats throughout history; we have come up with a list of famous cats who have become celebrities because of some incident and distinction. Some were simply the most loveable characters on film and TV.

When there is a cat around, you don’t need any excuse to smile and fall in love with the feline creature. There are various breeds and different colours and personalities of cats all around the globe. Cats have been part of our domestic life for more than 5000 years ago. Many inscriptions and ancient paintings describe the cats as gods, and people used to worship them in the past.

Famous cats from the entertainment media

Let us start the list of famous cats of the world from the topmost liked and loved cats of all time. Some of the cats are over 40 years old and still bring smiles to people’s faces when they hear those cats’ names.

1. Garfield

This cat has come straight from the comic strip and made the way to animated cartoons. When the accolade escalated, there came a movie for this cat. The crabby tabby cat was born apparently in some Italian restaurant and developed a strong love for lasagna.

2. Heathcliff

The smart street cat looks tough from the outside but is very soft from the inside. The cat also appeared in the comic strip. The character became famous and lovable and earned its place in a TV show and again a movie. Heathcliff the TV show first aired in 1984.

3. Felix the Cat

This is the oldest cat in the film and TV industry. The cat was created for the first time in the silent movie era. The most famous cartoon earned a reputation and won the hearts of people. The TV guide ranked this cat one of the most famous in 2002.

4. Tom

Tom from the TV show Tom and Jerry. Jerry, the mouse, was always on the loose and won the race, and Tom, the cat, has to face defeat every time. Tom and Jerry have been inspiring kids by providing smiles and laughs to the faces of adults and children alike for many years now.

5. Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is now a $5 billion brand started 40 years ago as the young girl brand. The brand became a vital sign for the merchandise over the years, and it became a necessary and essential thing for adults and children alike. Hello Kitty is based on a Japanese Bobtail Cat.

6. Sylvester

People love this character from Looney Toons, where Tweety bird was always lucky in escaping all the plans of Poor Sylvester. The catchphrases of the cat are still a love treat for the viewers. The full name of Sylvester is Sylvester James Pussycat, Sr.

7. Scratchy

The itchy and scratchy show stars the evil mouse itchy and a poor, innocent, and helpless cat scratchy from the popular show The Simpsons. People just loved the characters and enjoyed their funny gruesome acts.

8. Nermal

The “world’s cutest kitten” has also earned the accolade from the Garfield show. The protagonist always tried to ship Nermal to Abu Dhabi, but all other characters were against this act, and the cat remained prevalent over the hearts of people.

9. Cat in the Hat

Dr. Seuss’s character Cat on the Hat brought a smile to the faces of children and adults alike. The cat brought a lot of fun to the boring life in Sally and her brother’s home.

10. Puss in Boots

A fugitive from the law is running to earn glory in every adventure of life. Antonio Banderas voiced this character, and in Shrek, the character was first appeared and won the hearts of all the cat lovers around the globe.

11. Mrs Noris

Mrs Noris is the bellowed cat of Mr Filch in Harry Potter. These two characters have an incredibly close connection in both the books and the film. Mrs Noris was played by multiple Maine Coon cats.

Famous Cats in History

Now start with some of the famous and iconic cats that were famous and still are because of significant events and personalities.

12. Oscar Unsinkable Sam

The cat’s real name is unknown, but the cat has been famous since World War II. Unsinkable Sam was a Tuxedo Cat (black and white cat) that survived three different sinking ships and rescued in the open sea from different people in the second World War.

13. Hemingway’s Polydactyl Cats

A picture of two hemmingway cats napping on a blue table and chairs outside.

Hemingway was gifted with a polydactyl cat called Snow White. Polydactyl cats have a congenital condition that causes them to grow extra toes. His obsession with these special cats caused him to acquire more polydactyl cats.

You can visit The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum and see the thriving polydactyl cat colony. Due to the location of Ernest Hemming’s home being on an island, most if not all the cats are related to Snow White, his first polydactyl cat.

14. Colonel Meow

Colonel Meow won the Guinness world record for the longest cat hair. The American Himalayan-Persian crossbreed died in 2014 from heart complications. As Colonel Meow was adopted his age was not known.  

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15. Tabby and Dixie

First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln told about the love of Abraham Lincoln with cats. The feline affinity was famous all over Washington, D.C, and people knew that the president would love to spend hours with cats and enjoy their company very much.

Tabby and Dixie were most prized possessions, and the president received these cats as a gift from Secretary of State William Seward. They were the first cats to be brought into the White House.

16. Cream Puff:  Oldest Cat to Have Ever Lived

The cat lived for over 38 years, and its name was added to the Guinness world record in 2010 as the longest ever lived cat. The cat died in 2005 in the house of an Austrian owner who also had another cat, grandpa Rex who lived for 34 years.

17. Casper the Bus-Commuting Cat

The city of Plymouth on the south coast of Devon, England, had a cat named Casper. The cat became famous because it used to ride on the city bus liner and knew the station to get off from the bus to reach the house.

18. Socks Clinton

First Cat of Arkansas from 1991 to 1992 also earned the title of the first pet. Clinton adopted the cat, and it received all the protocols and treats which a cat could not have imagined. 

19. The First “Astrocat.”

A tabby cat in a spacesuit in space.

On October 18th, 1963, a liquid-fueled French Véronique AG1 projectile was launched from the Algerian Sahara desert rocket base. The rocket reached an altitude of 130 miles and returned safely to the land. The cat survived the trip. After some time, another cat started the same journey with an unknown name, but the cat couldn’t survive because the rocket was not retrieved in time to rescue the cat.

Famous cats on the internet

Following is the list of some famous cats that have been an internet sensation for some time, and they remained rock stars of memes and some famous movies. These cats have many followers, and they are well known all over the global village.

20. Ted Nude-Gent – Mr. Bigglesworth from Austin Powers

side profile for a sphynx cat

This cat belongs to a hairless cat breed, which is also called the Sphinx. The cat was the pet of a villain in the movie, and its personality was a great addition to the powerful air around the negative character. Many memes and pictures are circling over the internet of this cat.

21. Tardar Sauce – Grumpy Cat

The star rose when her picture was posted for the first time on Reddit. Propel didn’t believe that the grumpy lines were the natural facial feature of the cat. This cat has become a sensation on the internet, and whenever there is a sarcastic meme, the Grumpy Cat is the obvious picture to complete the message without writing many words on it.

22. Cole and Marmalade – YouTube sensations

Cat lovers love the videos of these starts. There are millions of followers of these cats. Cloe was rescued from the street at six weeks, and Marmalade joined the family later. Both the cats created a strong bond, and their videos are loved by a cat lover worldwide.

23. Lil Bub – the perma-kitten

People loved the forever kitten because of a permanent kitten-like medical condition. Her teeth didn’t grow, which allowed her tongue to hang out of the mouth more often. Lil Bub is also the only known cat in history born with osteoporosis. Her fame and followers help her owner raise enough funds for her treatment but sadly, the cat died in December 2019.

24. Bob a Street Cat

A street cat turned the life of the owner upside down. The cat was used to roam in the streets and once came to James Bowen, an addict and homeless. Bob, with an injured leg and a lovable personality, gave a reason to live to the owner, and they used to roam together in the streets of London for attention and money. This pair’s story is so heart rendering that it was written in the form of a book, and now Bob has got his movie to be filmed soon.

25. Hamilton the Hipster

It was love at first sight when the owner first time met this cat with mustaches in a Humane society. The cat was quite nervous and unhappy before that. But true love changed the life of the cat and owner.

Frequently Asked Question

How to check if my cat is purebred?

If you want to confirm the breed of your cat, it is relatively easy instead. Just search for characteristics and traits of that breed on the internet. And then look for these traits and character in your cat. It is imperative to buy a cat from reputable breeders. Always look for the breeders who take care of their cats and keep them home. You can get the chance to meet the parents of the kitten, and it will help you understand the breed’s personality for a proper match.

Which breed of cats sleeps the most?

Persian cats are the notorious ones to sleep the most. But every owner knows that cats love to sleep all the time. They sleep for more than 14 hours a day, mostly to conserve energy. Sometimes they sleep more because of some illness or bad weather.

How many breeds of cats are there?

According to the International Cat Association TICA in North America, there are 71 recognizable breeds globally.

What are popular cat breeds?

American shorthair, Persian cats, and Ragdoll are some of the world’s most popular cat breeds.

What cat breed should I consider the least?

The Cat Fancier’s Association ranked the wirehair as the least favorite cat of all time.

Wrapping up

For the past 5000 years, cats have been an integral part of human life. There are some discourses about cats being worshipped as gods. We have provided some of the famous cats over time and history.

But when you want to adopt a cat, know that these felines can live up to 10 to 12 years. Instead of asking what type of cat I should buy, you should instead ask why I should adopt a cat. Always look for the requirements and things you want from the cat and then choose the breed accordingly. It is imperative to buy a pedigree cat from an authentic cat breeder.


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