20 Most Expensive Cat Breeds

A White Persian cat with blue eyes laying down

When people think of pricey pets, it’s often exotic creatures that come to mind. Many people expect dogs to be a more expensive choice. Still, some cat breeds are also very expensive due to their typical features, with thousands of more unusual breeds being sold.

People are often surprised to learn that buying a cat can be potentially costly, especially considering that many people give kittens for free. However, there are many breeds of surprisingly expensive cats, often due to that breed’s rarity. Here are many of the most expensive cat breeds globally and a rough estimate that you can pay for such a cat.

What Are The Top 20 Most Expensive Cat Breeds? The top 20 most expensive cat breeds are:

  1. Ocicat -£500
  2. Norwegian Forest Cat -£650-850
  3. Egyptian Mau -£600
  4. Siamese -£650
  5. Korat -£700
  6. Selkirk Rex – £700
  7. Siberian £700-1200
  8. American Shorthair £650-750
  9. British Shorthair -£850
  10. Ragdoll – £800
  11. American Wirehair -£850
  12. American Curl -£850
  13. Sphynx -£850-1000
  14. Scottish Fold -£1000
  15. Russian Blue – £1200
  16. Peterbald -£1800
  17. Persian -£2100
  18. Bengal -£3500
  19. Savannah -£18,000
  20. The Ashera -£90,000

How Much Does An Ocicat Cost?- £500

Buying an Ocicat will cost around £500. The Ocicat breed’s characteristic that cat owners find most appealing is that it has a domestic cat’s nature but has a wild cat’s appearance. Despite its appearance, it has no DNA from any wild cat. It was named after its resemblance to Ocelot but was originally from the Abyssinian and Siamese stocks. Later, American shorthair was added to the breeding mix, so Ocicats have distinct markings, silver colour, and strong facial bone structure.

The Ocicat was first raised in 1964 by Michigan breeder Virginia Daly. Therefore, it is a relatively new breed of cat. The cat has 12 official colours and is known for its almond-shaped eyes and dark markings. They are a fine choice for the family pet because they have a mild temperament which means they are good with children and mix well with other animals’ species. Their uniqueness makes them one of the costly cats around the world.

How Much Does A Norwegian Forest Cat Cost? – £650-850

The price of a Norwegian Forest cat is between £650 -£850. This cat breed originated in Europe and has a long coat with a woollen undercoat and a glossy overcoat, which means it has adapted to living in a cold environment.

The origin of the cat date back to the era of Vikings in Norway in 1000 AD. The Norwegian wild cat became extinct after World War II, but the Norwegian Forest Cat Club established a formal breeding program to prevent it. The cat is famous in France, Norway, Iceland and Sweden. This specie is good at climbing and has a healthy body, weighing 7.7 and 10 pounds. They also have a lifespan of about 16 years. The more lifespan and rich history makes this cat very vulnerable and costly

What Is The Price Of Egyptian Mau Cats – £600

To buy an Egyptian Mau cat will cost you around £600. The Egyptian Mau Cat is one of the few naturally spotted domestic breeds of the cat. It is a relatively rare breed with less than 200 cats registered each year and is, therefore, one of the most expensive cats to buy.

An egyption mau sitting down and looking up.
[Egyptian Mau]

Despite its name and the earlier belief that the cat originated in Egypt, studies show that it is a cross of European and North American cat breeds. It is a slender cat with a medium body length and is known for its speed because an Egyptian Mau can walk at 30 miles per hour. Some of this breed’s distinctive features are the black dorsal stripes that run from the spine and the head to its tail and green eyes. They come in six colours, including caramel, smoke, silver, bronze, blue and black.

How Much Does A Siamese Cat Cost?- £650

The price of a Siamese Cat is £650. This breed is derived from Wichianmat Landrace and is one of the first distinctly identified Asian cats. The Siamese cat had become a popular cat breed in Europe and North America by the 19th century.

This cat’s distinctive features are a slender body, point colouration, a triangular-shaped head and almond-shaped blue eyes. Because it is a famous cat with attractive features, the Siamese is used as a breeding stock to create many new cats. Some of them include Bengal, Burmese and the Himalayans. The Siamese cat has four official colours, including lilac point, blue point, chocolate point, and seal point. If they are healthy, they have a lifespan between 12 and 14 years.

What Is The Price Of A Korat Cat?- £700

The average cost of a Korat Cat is £700. The Korat originated in the Phimai region of Thailand and is one of the oldest stable cat breeds. In Thailand, they are known as lucky cats and are often given in pairs to newlyweds, making them unique and pricey due to their high demand at weddings. They were always presented as a gift.

A Korat Cat against a black background.
[Korat Cat]

The breed is a short-haired and pale blue-grey domestic cat. Although they have only a small-medium build, the Korat is extraordinarily heavy. They are distinguished by their heart-shaped heads, colour and big green eyes. The Korat is a playful and intelligent breed of cat known for having good memories and always finds its way home.

How Much Does A Selkirk Rex Cat Cost?- £700

The price of a Selkirk Rex Cat is around £700. Although there are several Rex cat breeds, the Selkirk Rex is unique because it has normal length hair and, unlike the Cornish Rex and Devon Rex, has no abnormal parts. The breed was first bred in 1987 in Montana, the USA, by a breeder named Jeri Newman. He called the breed after his father, Selkirk. This means the Selkirk Rex car breed is the first and only cat breed named after a person.

The Selkirk Rex cat breed comes in two coat lengths; Short and long. It has a woolly look and feels very soft. The International Cat Association officially recognised the Selkirk Rex cat in 1992 as a cat breed. Unlike many other species where there is a list of accepted colours formally within the breed standard, Selkirk Rex comes in various colours, all of which are acceptable.

What Is The Price Of A Siberian Cat?- £700-£1200

The cost to bring home a purebred Siberian Cat is between £700-£1200. Originating in Russia, the Landrace domestic cat has existed for centuries but has only recently become an official breed because cat breed organisations did not set standards until the late 1980s.

It is also known as the Siberian Forest Cat and is of medium size. It is closely related to the Norwegian Forest cat and has many similarities. Although it is a natural breed in Siberia and Russia’s national cat, it is now a particular breed and pedigreed.

The Siberian cat coat has three layers and comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns. This breed of cat begins to breed at a younger age than most other species, and some can breed as young as five months old. They also produce five or six kittens’ litter, which is higher than the average in other breeds, usually three or four kittens. They are also costly compared to other cats due to fine coat characteristics

How Much Does An American Shorthair Cat Cost? -£650-£750

The American Shorthair Cats can cost between £650 to£750. Despite the name, it is possible that this breed of cat originated from European cats and was brought to the United States by early settlers who wanted to guard their cargo against mice and rats. In 2012, this breed was the seventh most popular breed in the United States, according to the Cat Fancier Association. They are large, powerful cats with short hair, round faces and tiny ears. An adult female can weigh up to 12 pounds, while an adult male can tip the scales at 15 pounds. The list of colours in which American Shorthair is available is long enough to include as they come in about 80 recognised colour and pattern variations. They are free and playful cats that are usually good with children; that’s why they enlist as costly breeds.

What Is The Price Of A British Shorthair Cat – £850

The average price of a British Shorthair cat is £850. The British shorthair cat originated from European cats imported into the UK and is now a breed of the British domestic cat. Its distinctive features include a broad face, thick coat and chunky body. This breed is designed to be included in various colours and patterns, including Colourpoint and tabby. However, the British shorthair cat’s most popular colour is the ‘British Blue’. It is a cat with a solid blue-grey coat, a medium tail and copper-coloured eyes.

A British Shorthair cat laying down facing the camera with one paw forward.
[British Shorthair Cat]

Males of this breed can be significantly larger than their counterparts as the average female weighs between seven and 122 pounds, while the adult male weighs between nine and 17 pounds. Due to their “British Blue” colour, they are considered costly.

For more information on the British Shorthair Cat Breed, you can read our full article here.

How Much Does A Ragdoll Cat Cost? – £800

The typical price you should expect to pay for a Ragdoll Cat is £800. The Ragdoll Cat is a breed developed in 1966 by Ann Baker, an American breeder. Ragdoll Vats have a distinct colourpoint coat and blue eyes. This semi-longhaired cat has a soft and silky coat.

They are called ‘Ragdoll’ because when owners handled the cat, it flopped like a ragdoll. This breed is trendy in the United States and the United Kingdom. Their behaviour is often compared to that of puppies because they are playful, follow their owners around, and enjoy being handled. That’s why they are somewhat costly.

It is one of the largest domesticated breeds of cat, with females weighing up to 15 pounds and healthy adult males up to 20 pounds. Ragdoll comes in six colour variants; chocolate, seal, red, cream, pigment, and blue. They also come in three different patterns; grumpy, coloured dots, and bi-coloured.

What Is The Price Of American Wirehair Cats? – £850

The average price of an American Wirehair cat is £850, depending on where you live. The American Wirehair originated in New York and is one of the rarest breeds in the United States. In 2003, the Cat Fanciers’ Association had only 22 cats of this breed registered and is currently ranked last in the association’s breed list. This species is a spontaneous variation of American Shorthair, and this variation first occurred in 1966 in Vernon, upstate New York.

An American Wirehair’s appearance is similar to that of an American shorthair, except for its springy and wiry coat (which justify its price). Most American Wirehairs have golden eyes, but usually, other white cats have blue or amber eyes. This breed is available in a wide range of colours, but some are not accepted in the competition. The colours are lilac, chocolate and the Himalayans.

How Much Do American Curl Cats Cost?- £850

American Curl cats cost around £850. The American Curl is another cat that is the result of unimaginable mutation. They originated in 1981 in Lakewood, California, and are distinguished by their enormous curved ears.

This medium-sized cat comes in both long and short hair and weighs between five and ten pounds. A strange fact about this breed is that kittens are born with straight ears that begin to curl within 48 hours of birth (This unique feature lead them to increase their cost).

There are also strict rules about their curl angles. Cats must have ears that rotate between 90 and 180 degrees. However, too much curl is terrible because if the cat’s ears touch the back of its scalp, the cat will be disqualified from any competition. American Curl has a soft, silky coat that is as flat as her body.

What Is The Price Of A Sphynx Cat?- £850-£1000

The price of a Sphinx cat can vary between £850 to £1000. The Sphynx cat is a breed that began to breed during the 1960s, and the inclusion of two hairless breeds of North American cats in the breeding pool led to this breed known today.

A grey and white sphynx sitting on a white blanket.

The most distinctive feature of the Sphynx is its lack of coat, although it has a fine layer of a few hairs on its skin. This feature increases its demand in the market, which ultimately boost its price. The skin is soft to the touch, and the colour is such that it would mark it if they had a coat. They also have specific facial features, including a wedge-shaped head, prominent cheekbones, large ears, a round abdomen, large paw pads, a slender tail and a muscular body. This breed is intelligent, loving, curious and assertive, which justify its price.

We have a complete guide on The Sphynx cat here, for all the information you need to know about owning a Sphynx.

How Much Do Scottish Fold Cats Cost? – £1000

Scottish Fold cats cost £1000. This breed was formerly known as the Lop-eared cat but in 1966 was known as the Scottish Fold. It is also known as the Longhair Fold, the Scottish Fold Longhair and the Highland Fold. As its name suggests, this breed of cat originated in Scotland, and its ears are folded. The shape of its ears is due to a genetic mutation that affects the cartilage. This gives the cat an appearance that is described as owl-like.

This breed was not accepted for exposure in Europe until 1971 because genetic mutations affecting cartilage could cause various defects in this breed. This breed is a medium-sized cat, with females weighing between six and nine pounds, while males weigh between nine and 13 pounds. They usually have round heads and large eyes. The Scottish Fold comes in both long and short hair types, and their coats come in a wide range of colours, colour combinations and patterns. Their long coat cats have more price than short coats. These cats are generally good-natured breeds.

What Is The Price Of A Russian Blue Cat? – £1200

The Russian Blue is one of the most expensive cat breeds. The price of the Russian Blue is around £1200. This breed is believed to have originated from the port of Arkhangelsk in Russia. As the name suggests, it is a blue cat, although it can range in colour from shiny silver to slate grey or blue-grey.

One of the main reasons for this breed of cat popularity is that it has incredible personalities that make it perfect for family pets. They are loving, loyal and close to their owners. This cat’s coat is so thick that you can draw a pattern in its skin with your finger, and it will not disappear unless you smooth it with your hand. This is a medium-sized cat that usually weighs between five and 15 pounds.

This breed has a longer lifespan than many other species because it can live up to 20 years. However, there are many examples of Russian blues surviving for 25 years.

How Much Do Peterbald Cats Cost? – £1800

A purebred Peterbald cat will cost around £1800. Peterbald is a Russian breed of cat that comes from St. Petersburg. It was first developed in 1994 by breeder Olga S. Mironova during an experimental breeding program. By 2009, the cat breed association accepted it for the championship class competition. This is an unusual looking cat for many reasons:

  1. Their head is concise, narrow and long.
  2. They have prominent pointed ears, which give them a somewhat bat-like shape.
  3. They have webbed feet.
A ginger Peterbald Cat sitting in front of a green background
[Peterbald Cat]

There are similarities in the appearance of the Oriental Shorthair. This breed is due to the hair loss gene, which means that they can be born with baldness or a plain coat with no hair. That’s why they are pricy. Peterbald comes in all colours and with different markings. They are usually good with children and are happy to be with other pets. Their temperament has been described as curious, powerful, intelligent, peaceful, loving, and sweet.

For more information on the Peterbald, we have a complete Peterbald Cat Breed Guide here.

How Much Does A Purebred Persian Cat Cost?- £2100

Persians and more importantly purebred Persian cats are expences. A purebred Persian cat will cost you £2100. The Purebred Persian cat originates from Iran, which was formerly called Persia. In the Middle East, they are also known as Iranian cats, while in Iran, they are called Shirazi cats.

Persian cats are a breed of long-haired cat that is characterised by its small and round face. The breed became popular in Europe when it was imported into Italy and France around 1620. The first time a Persian cat was shown in a competition was in London in 1871. It then moved to the United States in the 1900s. The Persian cat’s nose was much longer than today’s breed standards, but it is decreased in size through the breeding.

According to the Cat Fanciers Association, the Persian cat is the second most popular and costly cat breed in the United States because it is behind its exotic breed. There are several types of Persian cat. These include Himalayan, Exotic Shorthair, Chinchilla Longhair, Sterling, Toy Persian, and Teacup Persian.

What Is The Price Of A Bengal Cat?- £3500

The price of a Bengal cat is £3500. The Bengal cat is a domestic cat that was deliberately likened to resemble a wild cat. The origin of the breed is not known. However, the first mention of a domestic cat crossing with an Asian leopard cat was in 1889. The first officially certified cat was a hybrid of the Asian leopard cat and the domestic cat in 1934. These cats are called Bengal cats because the taxonomic name of the Asian leopard is Bangalensis.

The Bengal cat’s characteristics include a white belly, significant markings, and a body shape similar to that of an Asian leopard cat but smaller than that. It is recommended that people who want a Bengal cat for their home should buy a fourth-generation cat as their temperament is similar to that of a domestic cat. First-generation Bengals are usually kept for breeding purposes because of their wild nature.

How Much Do Savannah Cats Cost? – £18,000

The Savannah cat is the second most expensive cat breed. The Savannah cat can cost anywhere from £18,000. It is a hybrid cat breed between the domestic cat and the serval, a medium-sized, large-eared wild African cat. It first became popular with breeders in the 1990s and was adopted by the International Cat Association in 2001 as a new breed. Its first generation was bred by Judy Frank, who crossed the serval with a Siamese.

A Savannah cat sitting up against a grey background
[Savannah Cat]

The size of a savannah cat depends on gender and species. Usually, the first generation of males is the most significant variation of this cat. Generally, they can weigh anywhere between seven and twenty pounds. This breed’s standard variants include brown spotted tabby, silver-spotted tabby, black-spotted, and black smoke, which is black spotted silver.

What Is The Price Of The Ashera Cat?-£90,000

The Ashera cat is the most expensive cat to buy. The starting price of the Ashera cat is £90,000. Like the Savannah Cat, this breed is a hybrid of a serval and simple domestic cat. The difference is that the African leopard genes were also present in the breeding mix for Ashera. This makes the Ashera Cat the rarest and most desirable breed of cat, hence the big price tag attached to it.

However, one of these creatures comes at a very high price, so they are not available to the public. They are one of the new breeds of cats developed, and Lifestyle Pets claim to develop this breed. They have both spots and stripes, pointed ears and beautiful features. Despite the wild genetics, Ashera cats are specially bred to live in a domestic environment.

FAQ’s About The Most Expensive Cat Breeds:

Are All Cats Expensive?

No, all cats are not expensive; only specific purebred cats or cats with unique features are costly. Recently progeny of some savannah and serval crosses are the most expensive pet cats.

Are Expensive Cats Tough To Manage/Care For?

Yes, expensive cats are harder to care for compared to regular domestic cats. This is because these cats have particular features with a specific diet, so they are not easy to care for or manage. Also, they need special vets and routine vaccination shots.

When people think of pricey pets, it’s often exotic creatures that come to mind. Many people expect dogs to be a more expensive choice. Still, some cat breeds are also very expensive due to their typical features, with the presence of thousands of more unusual breeds being sold.

People are often surprised to learn that buying a cat can be potentially costly, especially considering that many people give kittens for free. However, there are many breeds of surprisingly expensive cats, often due to that breed’s rarity. Here are many of the most expensive cat breeds globally and a rough estimate that you can pay for such a cat.


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