What Is The Best Cat Bed? Our Cat Never Leaves It!

A tabby cat laying in a fluffy grey bed resting her chin on the edge.

We all know cats love nothing more than snuggling down in a cosy bed. So the big decision is what cat bed should I buy my kitty and what is our recommended cat bed?

What is the best cat bed? The cat bed we recommend is a Plush Donut Bed (click to see it on Amazon)

Cat beds come in all shapes and size and in a variety of colours. Although cats are notorious for sleeping in weird positions they will always want to settle down in their own soft fluffy bed.

Here are the reasons that the Plush Donut Bed Is Our Recommended Cat Bed:

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The Design: These types of cat beds are round with a sunken middle bit. They are usually quite thick in debpth. This allows the cat to snuggle inside the middle of the cat bed.

The high sides of the beds make as the sides of the bed make the cat feel super safe and warm.

The Cost: The Plush Donut Bed we brought from amazon is around the middle of the range cost-wise. You can get some a little bit cheaper and depending on the size you get they can get fairly expensive.

Materials: The materials used in the cat bed are so important when choosing a cat bed. The Plush Donut Beds are made with super soft materials which invite the cat to sleep on them.

The Size: These cat beds come in a variety of sizes to suite all types of cats. For my cat Owlie, who is a small domestic tabby, we got the medium bed and there was still lots of room.

Colours: The variety of colours available will allow you to match your cat’s bed with your home décor or your favourite colours.

A small tabby cat (Owlie) curled into a ball sleeping in a fluffy grey cat bed

Can The Plush Donut Beds Help With Anxiety?

Due to how Plush Donut Beds are made they can help relax your cat. Because the beds are fluffy and surround the cat when they are in them, it gives the cat a sense of security and that they are not alone.

You will often find that your cat will knead the sides or the inside of the bed as a way of comforting themselves. Its a great bed option if you have a cat that gets anxious if they are on their own.

What To Look For When Buying A Cat Bed

Washable: One of the most important features I look for when buying a cat bed is if it is machine washable. Not having the ability to clean the cat bed in the washing machine is a deal-breaker for me.

If I had a hairless cat or a cat that had minimal shedding this wouldn’t be such a big deal for me. However, all the cats I have owned or fostered have been big shedders and leave hair on absolutely everything. Which is why having a machine washable cat bed is important.

Size: You need to consider the size of the cat bed before purchasing. Larger cat breeds like the Maine Coon you will need to get a large cat bed or maybe even look at ones made for dogs as they will be a little bigger.

If you have multiple pets that enjoy sleeping together you should consider getting a larger bed to they can sleep together in it.

Materials Used: You should pick a cat bed that has the texture that your cat likes. For example, Owlie only likes fluffy things, if it’s not fluffy she won’t go near it.

A small tabby cat with yellow eyes sitting in a fluffy grey bed looking directly at the camera.

What Cat Bed Do You Own? Share Your Experience With Us.

What type of cat bed do you own? Is it your cat’s favourite place to nap? Do you think the quality is good? Do you think it is a good investment or just a gimmick? Help others who are ‘on the fence’ to make a decision to buy one or not.


Rochelle is a self-claimed crazy cat lady and proud cat mum to Owlie! She has owned, rescued, and fostered cats throughout her whole life. Rochelle created Cats On My Mind as a hub for likeminded cat parents to get all the information they will ever need to give their fur babies their best life!

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