Do Foxes Eat Cats

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Pet parents love their cats, and they always want them to be safe. Some pet parents consider wild Fox a threat to their cats, raising a question in their mind that “Do foxes Eat Cats?”. Here in this article, we will explain in detail whether foxes eat cats or not.

You will also learn about foxes attacking cats, biting them, hunting them, or whether these both species are scared of each other or not! Plus we will discuss attacking behaviour of urban wild, and rural foxes, on domestic and feral cats and how can you keep your cat safe from foxes. So continue reading to learn more about cat and foxes interaction with all the proven facts and myths

Do Foxes Eat Cats

Pet parents love their cats, and they always want them to be safe. Some pet parents consider wild Fox a threat to their cats, raising a question in their mind that

Do Foxes Eat Cats? The simple answer to this question is that foxes (regardless of their type) do not eat cats as they are not part of their regular diet.

Fact: A cat has more risk of being attacked and injured by another cat than a fox.

Do Foxes Attack Cats? Or Will A Fox Attack A Cat?

Foxes are born predators. They are likely to eat animals like rabbits, mice, chickens, etc. They can also attack unwell adult cats or kittens and may even eat them, but that happens rarely. Also the size of cat matters. Some big cats like Maine Coon may kill a Fox, so threat goes both ways.

However, the chances of a fox attacking a healthy adult cat are rare because of the sharp claws of a cat and its pointed teeth, which are usually enough to scare a fox away.

Foxes only attack these cats when they run out of other food options, but the healthy adult cats can defend themselves well. 

Fox Vs Cat (General Comparison)

  • Fox is an omnivorous mammal like humans, i.e. it feeds on both plants and animals whereas a cat is an obligate carnivorous mammal, i.e. it feeds only on animals.
  • The Fox belongs to the Canidae family, whereas the cat belongs to the Felidae family. 
  • Fox’s average weight is 5 to 7 kgs, whereas the average weight of a cat is 34.5 to 5.5 kgs.
  • The average height of a fox is 64 to 72 cm whereas the average size of a cat is 25 to 27 cm. 

Do Foxes Hunt Cats?

  • Foxes hunt for cats very seldom.
  • This happens only when the fox is wild and extremely hungry or run out of other supplies.

Can Cats Be Bitten By A Fox?

Cats are less likely to be attacked or bitten by foxes. However, if your cat is not strong enough to fight back, then it might get some wounds from a fox. If your cat gets bitten or attacked by a fox, you should immediately take it to the veterinarian depending upon the injury’s severity.

It is always good to see a doctor in such cases because the attacker, i.e. the fox, might have been suffering from a disease such as rabies and it might have been transferred to the cat, which can be fatal for your cat and for you too.

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Are Cats Scared Of Foxes?

Cats are not scared of foxes because an adult cat’s size is enough to defend itself against a fox. 

Are Foxes Scared Of Cats?

Foxes are also not scared of cats because cats never chase a fox unless a fox messes up with a cat first. Also, big cats may chase them to show what they can if Fox enters her territory.

Do Foxes Eat Small Cats? or Do Foxes Eat Kittens?

Foxes generally do not attack adult cats, but they are likely to attack the kittens that are relatively smaller in size. They may also kill those kittens or smaller cats and then eat them afterwards because after all, foxes are omnivorous, i.e. they can eat other animals.

Click here, to check the most recent research study about fox diet and nutrition.

Do Urban Foxes Attack Cats?

Urban Foxes are significantly less likely to attack cats. However, some urban foxes attack cats while struggling to find their food or where the trash can is empty from food.

In the cities, usually, we take excellent care of hygiene and cleanliness. Therefore, we do not throw food leftovers here and there. This is why foxes find difficulty in finding a sufficient amount of food.

Hence, they attack the cats, and if their killing attempt is successful, they even eat that cat to fill their appetite. On average, an urban fox can kill one cat every five to six years.

But the cat population dramatically outnumbers the fox population, i.e. around 600 cats live in each fox territory. Therefore, the chances of an urban fox to attack a particular cat are very not much.

A fox standing next to a ginger cat. The cat is sitting down looking at the fox

Do Rural Foxes Eat Cats?

Rural foxes are naturally very shy. They do not generally roam around like the urban cats. Therefore, they mostly feed on vegetables and fruits and hence they do not indulge themselves in a fight with a cat. 

Do Wild Foxes Eat Cats?

The answer to this question again depends upon the condition of the wild fox. If wild Fox has not found a sufficient amount of food to satisfy its appetite, then it may attack a cat and even eat it if the cat is the only food it can consume at the moment.

Do Foxes Eat Dead Cats?

Sometimes, the cats encounter road accidents in which they die. A fox seeing a dead cat may eat it if she is hungry. This situation is sometimes misinterpreted as the fox has killed the cat. However, only 5 out of every 10,000 cats indulge in fights with foxes per year on average.

While the fact is Foxes rarely attack and kill cats; however, they are most likely to eat it because of their omnivorous nature if they encounter a dead cat.

Do All Foxes Eat Cats?

No, all foxes do not eat cats. It all depends upon the amount of food that is available for them. Also, it depends upon the Fox and Cat body sizes and breeds. If a fox is getting a sufficient amount of food such as fruits, plants, and small animals like rabbits, mice, etc., it will never dare to attack a cat or eat it.

Do Red Foxes Eat Cats?

The Red fox is known to be the largest and most potent of all the fox species. That is why it is more likely to attack cats. However, the probability of a red fox eating a domestic or urban cat entirely depends upon the situation. If it can find its food through other means, it does not have to eat a domestic cat.

Do Foxes Eat Cat Food or Cat Biscuits?

Foxes do eat cat food. But because of their wild nature, they must also have equal access to other raw food items. Feeding them only on a cat food can be troublesome for their health.

How To Stop Foxes Attacking Cats?

  • Foxes do not usually attack cats. But if they are hungry, then they are likely to do so.
  • The best way to stop foxes from attacking cats is to keep your cats indoors.
  • However, it is not the nature of a cat to stay all the time indoors. The cats need the liberty to roam around freely. 
  • Therefore, you can think of building some outdoor enclosures for your cats to feel the outdoor environment, but it can stay perfectly safe from other animals.
  • Moreover, try to keep the foxes away from your garden because that is the best place for them to attack your cat.

How To Get Rid Of Foxes?

  • Do not throw food leftovers or garbage outside your house.
  • Put spikes on your walls and fences for keeping the foxes away.
  • Do not feed the foxes.
  • Stop foxes from digging dens by using concrete bases for your garages and sheds.
  • Use commercial fox repellents.
  • Block all the ways through which a fox can enter your house.

How To Keep Foxes Out Of Your Garden?

  • Keep some hidden fox traps in your garden.
  • Keep your garden lighted because foxes love to live in darkness.
  • Properly fence your garden.
  • Foxes also hate loud noises so you can even leave your radio turned on in your garden.
  • Use lawnmowers to trim out extraordinarily long grass and shrubs for they can prove to be the best places for a fox to hide.

Here you can find a research study about, “Pen trials of novel cat and fox control devices” which helps cat owners to keep aware of Foxes.


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