11 Cats Breeds With Flat Faces

A scottish fold cat laying on a colourful blanket

Don’t you think the adorable flat-faced cat breeds are the cutest? Is it the soft nose, the round and wide eyes, or just their lovely worried faces? This article explores 11 cat breeds with flat faces.

What Cat Breeds Have Flat Faces?

There are 11 cat breeds that have flat faces. They are:

  1. Persian cats
  2. Munchkin Cats
  3. Himalayan Cats
  4. Bombay Cats
  5. Scottish Fold Cats
  6. Exotic shorthair cats
  7. British shorthair
  8. Selkirk Rex Cats
  9. Burmese cats
  10. Burmilla cats
  11. Silver Persian

There are so many unique, adorable, and weird cat breeds globally, but flat-faced cats stand out from the crowd. Most of the time, you will find that these felines tend to be more sociable and love to be petted and cuddled.

What Is Brachycephalia In Cats?

Cats belonging to the brachycephalic family usually have flat faces and short noses. This is not just for looks; It is the upshot of a genetic trait that involves shortening and widening the cat’s skull’s shape, giving them that squashed appearance.

If you split the word, “brachy”, which means “short”, and “cephalic”, is associated with “head”. So eventually, you end up with a fancy word for “short head.”

You may find this research article appealing, “Brachycephalia – a Bastardization of what Makes Cats Special.”

Flat-faced cats are undeniably cute with their “short heads” and have conquered the world thanks to the fame of Grumpy Cat, with its miserable mug that the world loved so much.

From Scottish Folds to Persian kittens, it’s evident that flat-faced felines have captivated the world. Let’s have a look at 11 of the cutest flat-faced cat breeds, from extremely flat faces to slightly flat faces.

Cats With Flat Faces:

Persian Cats

Persian cats are highly prized kitties, loved for their plush coats and jewel-like eyes. These docile cats are the quintessential lap cats. They are soft-spoken and sweet, with a gentle nature. They want nothing more than to lie on your lap and be adored.

In general, these felines have a flat face, a beautiful broad chest, a robust body, a large head with widely spaced eyes, an upturned nose, and a shiny coat.

Ginger Persian Cat
[Persian Cat]

Remember that the beautiful, long coat of this flat-faced cat breed will not remain tangle-free on its own. It requires daily grooming, so find a suitable cat comb or brush for your feline.

Also, a Persian cat’s flat face should be cleaned regularly, as do its tear stains.

Although these beautiful fur babies are super calm and laid back, they command an air of royalty and prefer quiet and serene environments rather than loud and busy ones.

You’ll find Persian cats curled up on a soft sofa or basking in the sunlight on a window sill, free to admire, making them the perfect indoor cats.

Munchkin Cats

Munchkin cats, as their name suggests, are tiny cats. They have a playful and cheerful character, and their main attraction is their short legs and flat faces. They are also known as the dachshund of cats. Regardless of their short legs, members of this flat-faced cat breed can jump and run with blasts of energy.

In addition to their round contours, Munchkin cats pose elegantly and look a bit like meerkats, where they occasionally sit on their hind legs, ready to be adored.

Munchkin Cat sitting on blue stairs
[Munchkin Cats]

They are an active, easy-to-train, and intelligent breed that enjoys puzzles and learning new tricks. They are well adapted to being an indoor cat and are one of the best flat-faced cat breeds for families.

Himalayan Cats

The Himalayan cat, commonly known as Himmy or Himmies for short, looks like a Persian cat in the initial look. Like the Persian, the Himalayas are tame and sweet. This cat is the perfect beautification for any home, where she can snuggle up on a lap or corporate sofa.

Himalayan Cats can be pretty discriminatory and reserve their attention for family and a few trusted guests.

Himalayan Cats
[Himalayan Cats]

These calm cats prefer a quiet environment, with simple necessities like regular meals, a little playtime with a catnip pen or mouse, and lots of love.

They require daily brushing and grooming and regular bathing for their long coats and smoothly beaten flat faces. These kittens are also one of the most expensive cat breeds, so be prepared for their needs.

Bombay Cats

Bombay cats are one of the best flat-faced cats that love affection. They enjoy greeting and meeting their pet parents at the door and can get along with other pets and children. These kitties are big squishy, ​​with personalities as soft as their coats.

Bombay Cats look like mini black panther, and they have black coats and piercing yellowish eyes with rounded heads, medium-sized muscular frames, and flat faces.

Bombay Cats laying down
[Bombay Cat]

You will often find them huddled at the top of your cat tree, with the ideal view of their world below.

These are playful felines with natural athleticism and curiosity, so you should be able to keep them busy with toys like cat balls. Like their Burmese ancestors, Bombay cats have almost no undercoat and require weekly brushing and grooming.

Scottish Fold Cats

Aside from its squishy flat faces, the Scottish Fold is also known for its folded teddy bear ears. These cats were nicknamed “flops” because of their round shape due to their floppy ears. They have a short nose, large eyes, rounded legs, and a body.

Scottish Fold Cat with bright yellow eyes
[Scottish Fold Cat]

These beautiful fur babies require weekly grooming to distribute skin oils and remove dead hair. It would be best if you wiped the corners of their eyes with a damp cloth to remove any secretions.

Scottish Fold kittens are moderately expressive, friendly, active, and playful. They enjoy electric and moveable toys to test their agility and intelligence. Scottish Fold cats prefer a companion, even if it is another pet, and they are not the cats to be left alone for a longer duration.

Exotic Shorthair Cats

For particular pet parents who want a traditional Persian with a squashy nose and large button-like eyes but can’t cope with all grooming requirements, an Exotic Shorthair cat is a perfect choice for them.

These velvet teddy bears are fun and easy to entertain, just like hitting moving toys. They are gentle and docile kittens.

You will often find exotic shorthair cats lying on the couch in the sun, waiting for you to embrace them. They do well with active and agile families and can get along well with other house pets.

Exotic Shorthair cat
[Exotic Shorthair]

These flat-faced cats require little maintenance but may need occasional eye’s whipping from excessive tearings. Its characteristics are more extreme than others.

They have perky ears, round and wide eyes, a perpetually concerned look, and a short wrinkled muzzle.

British Shorthair

Compared to other shorthair breeds, British Shorthair cats are comparatively calm cats that do not require many exercises. It is easy to fall in love with them, as they have sizeable yellowish gold eyes that make the cat appear continually surprised.

British Shorthair cat laying down
[British Shorthair]

This breed of cat has a reasonably flat face, but the nose is not raised like the exotic shorthair.

These adorable fur babies are sturdy and don’t experience many health problems as the Scottish Folds or the Persians. This flat-faced cat breed is easy to live with, and pet owners love this cat with great enthusiasm.

Selkirk Rex Cats

Selkirk Rex cats are adorable fur babies, adored for their fluffy, tousled coats and luscious, soft flat faces. In addition to its lovely curly coats, its whiskers curl too – how cute!

Selkirk Rex Cat laying down
[Selkirk Rex Cat]

With large, round eyes and an almost smiling expression, these felines love to be petted and will follow you to get attention.

Nicknamed “cats in sheep’s clothing”, Selkirk rex cats may need occasional brushing, at least two to three times per week. Unlike other flat-faced cats, the Selkirk Rex cat is immune to tear duct problems.

They are easily entertained by the beam of a flashlight or a fishing pole. Although they are not particularly active, these beauties are social. They will love sitting on your lap and letting you feel their curly q’s when the sun goes down.

Burmese Cats

Burmese cats are energetic, playful, and curious kittens, and they often have more energy than most other brachycephalic cats. They are brilliant and enjoy human company. They can quickly learn to play fetch, learn new tricks, and enjoy playtime with interactive cat toys.

Burmese Cat
[Burmese Cat]

These felines are often known as a “brick wrapped in silk”. They have soft, silky body coat. Burmese cats must require weekly brushing, grooming and a rare bath to remain healthy and hygenic.

Although these kitties are a powerhouse of energy, they have a “kill switch”, and, at night, you will find them curled up in bed, making them one of the best flat-faced cat breeds for snuggling.

Burmilla Cats

Burmilla kitties are one of the cutest and loveliest felines you will ever find. These adorable fur bags bring together a mix of Burmese and Chinchilla in one sweet package.

Burmilla Cat
[Burmilla Cat]

With wide, shallow muzzles and massive, round eyes, Burmilla cats are among the most expensive flat-faced cat breeds, along with Himalayan and Persian. However, due to their well-defined chin, their faces do not look as smooth as others.

In general, these kittens are famous for their relatively flat faces and because they are beautiful, make excellent family pets, and love being petted. Burmilla cats require weekly brushing and are particular when it comes to bathroom hygiene, so find the best cat litter and keep your box spotless for them.

Silver Persian

Silver Persian is commonly known as the Chinchilla Persian. These are the only cats who are known as the “Rolls Royce” of the cat family. All Silver Persians have yellowish-green or blue-green eyes, with delineated facial features that make them look surprisingly “doll-like.”

Silver Persian Cat

They are most revered for their shiny silver, blue or gold coats characterized by having black or blue tips. They are still recognized as a sub-category of the Persian breed by the CFA until now. Many professional cat breeders and cat enthusiasts believe that it should be designated as a separate breed.

FAQ About Flat Face Cats?

Are Flat Face Cats More Expensive Than Other Cats?

Yes, flat face cats are somewhat expensive than other cats. It is because of their rarity and unique flat face appearance.

Do Flat Faced Cats Suffer From Tear Staining?

Yes, the tear-stained problem is pretty common in all flat face cat breeds except for a few. Pet parents must clean their face regularly to keep their cat face clean.


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