10 Cat Breeds That Can Be Left Alone

A head shot of a maine coon cat curling up one side of his face

Pet parents often ask as a common question: Are there any cats that don’t mind being alone for a significant amount of time? Or Are cats ok to be left alone? And if yes then how long can you leave the Cat alone? We have found 10 cat breeds that can be left at alone whilst you are out for the day.

After reading this article, you will find a list of cats left alone for more extended periods than others. So stay with us.

Your Cat is happiest when you are at home. But this might not possible when you are at work or school. Cats indeed do better alone compared to dogs. But they still need attention, love, affection, play, etc. If your Cat is neglected for a more extended period, unwanted behaviour can develop. So try to never leave a cat alone for more than two days.

The top 10 cat breeds that are suitable for working professions or people who would need to leave their cats for long periods of time are:

  1. British Shorthair
  2. European Shorthair
  3. American Shorthair
  4. Russian Blue
  5. Maine Coon
  6. Ocicat
  7. Javanese
  8. Himalayan
  9. Norwegian Forest Cat

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Here is a list of best cat breeds for working people:

1.     British Shorthair

British Shorthair Traits which favour these cats to live alone:

The British shorthair cat is calm, easygoing cat. A real “sofa potato” who doesn’t mind if it has to spend some time alone. While other cats will climb everywhere and search for everything (such as Bengal, Siamese and Abyssinian), the British shorthair is too lazy to be agile.

It may be less active and playful, but it radiates comfort, flexibility, dependence and stability. So, due to their calm behaviour and strength, these cats perform well when they remain alone.

British Shorthair Personality and Temperament

The British shorthair cat is as safe with strangers as the British themselves. These cats don’t make a storm around pausing on things but know how to behave politely and respect someone’s personal space.

Why Is The British Shorthair A Good Cat Breed To Be Alone?

Unlike other cats, the British short hair does not need much attention and is happy with its own company. They need their place and especially appreciate people who do not play with them permanently or stroke them. British shorthair cat also does not like to be lifted. So they can live happily when they are left alone for the day.

2.     European Shorthair

A close up of a European Shorthair Cat

European Shorthair Breed Characteristics

The European Shorthair is a loving, loyal and affectionate domestic cat. They are very playful and smart. They also like challenging games and toys that permit them to exercise their brains to get food.

European Shorthair Personality and Temperament

The European Shorthair cat prefers to live in multiple environments, i.e., it may live alone or enjoys the pet parents company. Their bodies are as balanced as their characters. But you won’t find anything exotic here.

European Shorthair Traits which favour these cats to live alone

What’s so exciting and unusual about this Cat? It’s simple: It’s remarkable cat breed loves their own company when they are left alone. They do not require too much grooming, pet parent time or care.

For example, Persian needs a lot of grooming and petting. European short hair doesn’t need that – they clean their coats well and often. Bengal, Siamese and Abyssinia are very active and require a lot of attention.

European short hairs are less complicated: they like to play outside and control themselves.

The European shorthair cats are also very adaptable, unlike Russian Blue, which needs daily grooming and combing and always wants to eat at a particular time.

3.     American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is an easygoing,  beautiful cat that lives in harmony with humans and other pets. This breed is a fairly confident breed that proudly shows their love for their cat parents.

They fit well into families with children. These cats are the best behaved and well-settled in loneliness. If they are trained well and provided with adequate food and water, they can live up to 2 days without their owner.

American shorthair cats are well known for their brotherly love. This breed is confident, amiable, and playful, and when boundaries are set in the home, they like to play with toys and find treats in your absence. An American Shorthair cat can live for 15 years or more so they usually use their owners’ routine and do not freakout in loneliness.

American Shorthair Traits Which Favour These Cats To live Alone:

The American Shorthair has a calm, friendly, and charming nature. They’re best for anyone who works outside and leaves their Cat alone. The American Shorthair cat will never hide from strangers/friends or neighbours but prefer to spend time alone.

Why Are American Shorthair Cats Good For Being Alone?

American Shorthairs usually like both types of environment, i.e., they want people presence and get on with them very quickly plus they enjoy their personal space too. But there’s one thing that American Short Hair cat doesn’t like that is being lifted.

They need some personal space and time to groom themselves because they are timid. That’s why we must provide them with some alone time. They prefer sitting right next to their human owners rather than jumping onto their laps.

4.     Russian Blue

A Russian Blue Cat laying down in a wooden basket on a cream blanket

Russian Blue Traits which Favour These Cats To Be Alone:

The Russian Blue is a docile, peaceful, calm, and even-tempered Cat. They are graceful and sophisticated thanks to their shimmering grey-silver to blue fur. They have slim bodies, and they perform elegant movements while petting.

Russian Blue Personality and Temperament

They like to jump and climb so that they can see everything from a height. Despite the calm temperament, they are playful and use the brain smartness to satisfy their curiosity. These Cats don’t need much time to think about things – and they can open doors and closets. So watch for them!

Why Is The Russian Blue A Good Cat For Working Professionals?

Russian blue cats are good at enjoying their company and entertaining themselves, but they don’t like the changes in their environment. They also do not want to change in their feeding routine.

They need a clean and organized daily routine in everything, and they hate any routine change. A family home with different hectic ways will be too much for them. So a regular daily work schedule would work well with the Russian Blue.

The Russian blue cat breed are reserved with strangers but very loving and connected to “its” pet parent. They need a lot of attention and appreciate a sensitive, calm and polite type. Russian blue does well when leaving alone for a day or two unless their routine is changed.

5.     Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a giant cat who resembles a medium-sized dog. They are friendly, sweet, and move alongside with their pet’s parents. They love toys, other pets including dogs, and like to play with puzzles and toys in your absence. This breed of Cat is famous for living alone. They do not bother their owners much.

The Cat is native to the United States of America and transported to other countries via extensive breeding programmes. Some pet parents find incredible similarities between dogs and Maine Coon in term of living happily in loneliness. These cats can go well in the absence of their pet parents.

Maine Coon Breed Characteristics

The Maine Coon is the most solemn and largest cat breed in the entire world. They are often described as “Cat giants“.

Maine Coon Traits which Favour These Cats To Be Alone:

Their characters are very well-balanced,  easygoing,  and friendly. They love affection and attention but don’t get mad if their humans don’t always have the time for them.

They’re delighted with watching their humans and other pets, especially small cats, following them around and curiously observing everything going on. They’re not especially water-shy. Water fascinates them!

Maine Coon Personality:

Like almost all large cats, Maine Coons don’t mainly like sitting on your lap but want to stay close to their owners or other companions.

As the Maine Coon is very smart and used to be a passionate natural predator and hunter, it’s happy when left alone with treats, puzzles, toys and games that challenge its brains and agility. Maine Coon is one of those cats that get on well with everyone. But they can be a little reserved with new people.

Why Is The Maine Coon A Good Cat For Working Professionals?

Maine Coon also needs its privacy and personal place because they think themselves as the leader of their pack due to their gigantic size, so they as a queen/leader want to live alone with their group to rule independently. Due to this they live happily in alone time and enjoy it.

6.     Ocicat

a close up photo of a sandy Ocicat

The Ocicat is good-natured, loyal, but perfectly happy on its own.

Why Is The Ocicat A good Breed for being alone?

A breed of kitty that’s perfect for owners who like the disposition of a happy dog, but not the high energy or doe-eyed looks when you leave the house. Deficient maintenance, the Ocicat is a good cat for people on the go.

The Ocicat would be a great cat for an owner who appreciates loyalty but doesn’t crave it.

7.     Javanese

Javanese are a curious mix of playful and independent. They don’t get lonely but do need plenty of stimulation.

Why Is The Javanese A Good Cat Breed For Being Alone?

If you like an outgoing, active cat breed that doesn’t mind playing by themselves while you’re away, the Javanese could be your ideal kitty companion. Just be sure to leave plenty of exciting games out for them to entertain themselves while you’re away.

The Javanese cay would be a perfect cat breed for people who appreciate the playful Javanese nature and want to engage regularly with their kitty.

8.     Persian

Persians are among the quietest, most relaxed breed of cats, making them perfect for apartment living. They’re happy to laze around in sunny spots with only the occasional cuddle or agility game to keep them satisfied.

While the Persian cat personality might be low maintenance, their long hair needs regular grooming. If you don’t desire to comb it yourself, perhaps consider a fortnightly visit to a local groomer.

Why Are Persian Cats Good For Being Alone?

Persian has a temperament of living alone and ruling her life on her own terms. That’s why they are hard to train and prefer their own company. So, it’s a good idea to leave them alone

Perfect for:

Apartment dwellers, people who don’t mind grooming their pets.

9.     Himalayan

The Himalayan needs regular brushes, just like it’s friend the Persian and they are fond of attention. Slightly more vocal, the Himalayan is also mild-mannered, fluffy and happy in your lap.

Why are Himalayan Cats A Good Cat Breed For Being Alone?

Himalayan Cats are fond of sleeping, they are best for a home where people are out a lot, though they’ll love the attention when you get home. They are the perfect cat breed for cat parents who like to groom and give their cats a lot of time to sleep.

10.Norwegian Forest Cat

A Norwegian Forest Cat Outside sitting on a wooden beam

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a large cat with beautiful beautiful fur.

Why are Norwegian Forest Cats suited to being home alone?

This elegantly named breed is a large domestic cat with a hearty constitution that does just fine on its own, so long as they have access to food and water.

Even trips away for the weekend aren’t going to bother this bold beauty (we don’t recommend this). Just leave some fun and games out for them to keep them engaged in your absence.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a perfect cat breed for busy people who need a cat who can be on their own for long periods of time.

Why Do Cats Meow, Pee, Or Scratch When Left Alone?

Living alone at home can be frustrating for cats. They can start scratching furniture, urinate outside the litter tray, become off feed/skip meals and may even lose their fur.

It has nothing to do with retaliation; instead, it’s their way of saying, “I’m so bored!” Or “I’m lonely!” Some cats also have separation issues, leading to anxiety if their owner often stays out of the house for long periods.

This behaviour should not be punished. If cats spend too much time alone, it is the owner’s job to help them feel better.

Each Cat Is A Unique

Whether a cat goes well being left alone or not is not solely influenced by its character, some cats had terrible experiences as a kitten, so they are scared of being left alone the whole life. Other cats sleep and pass the lonely time.

Will My Cat Act Out When It Is Left Alone Even If I Leave Sufficient Food and Water?

Even if your Cat has sufficient water in the bowl, there is still chance that the longer water stays in the bowl/cup, the more stagnant and less flavorful it gets. Food will also dehydrate with time, and it does not remain too tasty anymore. The litter material will also get dirty rapidly in your absence. And who wants to use a filthy toilet?

Can I Keep My Cat Inside If I Leave To Go To Work?

Outdoor cats use cat flaps to go out so they can go around and play. It’s a fun change for them. Some cat flaps also have chips that can be programmed to open only when the intended Cat tries to use them. It prevents other animals from entering your home.

Some cats are best suited for indoor life due to many different reasons; including their personality, the cost of the cat, and living in a busy city or road.

A research study conducted by Stefanie Schwartz explained “Separation anxiety syndrome in dogs and cats.”

If you decided to raise your cat as an indoor cat you will need to provide them for when you are out and the cat is left alone to help curb their boredome.

Products like cat tunnels can keep your cat entertained throughout the day. Check out our recommended cat tunnels here.

How Do You Make Your Cat’s Alone Time More Pleasant?

In general, toys are the best idea. There are challenging toys in the market having different treats inside them that your Cat can get by playing with these toys.

[icon name=”info-circle” prefix=”fas fa-2x”] You may also be interested in page on Recommended Cat Products where you can find all of our recommended cat toys and cat trees.

These numerous toys keep them busy in their lonely time and speed up their intelligence, along with making them happy. You can also hide the treat around your home before leaving so your Cat can smell and take them out when she is alone. Cat trees are a great idea to keep your indoor kitties busy during the day when you are out.

How Long Can I Leave My Cat Alone?

How long you can leave your Cat alone depends on your pet’s habits and personality. Other factors are health, environment, and age.

Here’s a rough guess of how long you can leave your Cat alone based on age:

Age: Spend Time Alone

  • Under four months: 3-4 hours
  • 4-5 months: 5-6 hours
  • Six months: 7-8 hours
  • Healthy adult cats: 24-48 hours

Beyond this time, you must get somebody to check upon them. Your cat must have enough food, freshwater, and a safe place to sleep. Also, remove any poisonous plants and sharp items from your house.

Keep in mind, and all cats are different from each other, and just because they fall into one of the breed groups mentioned above, it doesn’t mean they’ll be indeed happy spending hours without you.

“Cats and owners interact more with each other after a longer duration of separation.” This statement is proved by a group of scientists including Matilda Eriksson, Linda J. Keeling, Therese Rehn by researching cat behaviour.

What Are The Alternatives To Leaving My Cat Alone?

Leaving your cat home alone is not the best idea in every condition. If you requisite to go on holiday or for any other motive and you have to leave your Cat for an extended period, consider the following alternatives to leaving your Cat alone.

Cat sitter

This option is probably the easiest. Ask any of your friends to spend at least 20-30 minutes with your Cat playing, combing, grooming, cuddling, or cleaning the litter box.

You can also find a pet sitter who gets paid to spend time with your Cat. That way, your Cat can stay in their cosy home even when you are absent.

Catteries Or Boarding Facilities

You may also ponder taking your Cat to a boarding facility where they can stay until you get back. But remember that Cats are generally very territorial, so their home is just as significant to them as you are. Separating them from both you and your home at once should only be your last resort.

Thorough research of the facility you wish to take your cat to is so important. You need to make sure the place your are leaving your cat will take good care of them.

Foster homes

In some circumstances, it may be likely to let your Cat stay with a friend or relative while you’re away. Since this can come with its complications, be sure to use this option in rare or emergency cases.

You will need to make sure the people who are looking after them keep all the windows and doors closed so the cat doesn’t escape and get lost.

Travelling With Your Cat

Are you going on an adventure? A journey of a few days, weeks or months? Then consider having fun with your Cat! Start with a short day walk to see how your catwalks. If they handle it well, you can start long trips with your perfect travel companion. Before you go, make sure you choose a GPS tracker to make sure you never lose your furry companion.

Can I Let My Cats Go Outside While I’m gone?

A black and White kitten licking his nose whilst sitting in tall grass.

If your home is equipped with a cat flap or door and your Cat is already used to go outside the house, you can allow them to go in and out while you are away. However, keep in mind that they are more likely to be at risk of injury or being stolen by someone.

How Can I Ensure My Cat Gets Enough Physical Activity While It Is Left Alone?

With state of the art tracking GPS trackers, you can track both your Cat’s real-time location and the quantity of physical activity she receives each day. From the companion app on your smartphone, you’ll see how many minutes your Cat rests or remain active each day, in addition to burning calories.

You can instal a camera in your home to keep an eye on your cat remotely whilst you are out and about. You can set your camera up towards your cat’s toys or trees.

This way you will know the answer if your Cat is wandering around the house like crazy or sleeping all day while you are gone.

Last words on leaving your Cat alone

Although there is limited research on how long you leave your Cat alone, we try to give you some practical and professional guidelines discussed above to help you make the best decision when it comes to leaving your Cat alone.

You can’t always be sure what to expect when you get home after being away from your kitty because every Cat has a different temperament.

You can study a research survey on cats separation here: “Identification of separation-related problems in domestic cats: A questionnaire survey.”

Tell us in the comments if you leave your cat at home for work. What hints or tips would you give to other cat parents looking into getting a cat breed that can be left alone.


Rochelle is a self-claimed crazy cat lady and proud cat mum to Owlie! She has owned, rescued, and fostered cats throughout her whole life. Rochelle created Cats On My Mind as a hub for likeminded cat parents to get all the information they will ever need to give their fur babies their best life!

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