12 Cat Breeds That Jump High (Including Pictures)

A Bengal cat jumping. The image of the jumping cat is taken beneath the cat. The sky and clouds can be seen from behind the cat.

You might be aware of your own cat’s acrobatic abilities, which range from jumping tall bookcases in a single jump to pouncing on feet in mid-night, but which breeds top the list for skills and athleticism? Continue reading to learn more about cat breeds that jump high.

There’s no denying that cats are much better jumpers than dogs or humans. They are agile, graceful, and capable of making precise jumps. However, this does not imply that they always land on their feet.

How High Can The Average Cat Jump?

The average healthy cat can leap up to six times their height in a single jump, around 8 feet or 2.4 metres! According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Biology, a cat’s ability to leap is due to the muscles in its back legs and the length of its limbs. 

Other factors that affect how high a cat can jump include; the size, age, and health of the cat. Tiny, elderly, or sick cats may not leap or jump as high as a younger, healthier cat could jump.

12 Cat Breeds That Jump High

We have found the 12 cat breeds that can jump the highest! They are:

  1. Abyssinian
  2. Somali
  3. Bengal
  4. Cornish Rex
  5. Devon Rex
  6. Egyptian Mau
  7. Japanese Bobtail
  8. Ocicat
  9. Siamese
  10. Balinese
  11. Oriental Shorthair
  12. Singapura

Cat Breeds That Can Jump High: The Abyssinian

An headshot of an Abyssinian cat

The Abyssian cat is one of the 12 breeds of cat that can jump the highest. The Abyssinian is a medium-sized cat with well-developed muscles and a long body. She is an adventurous cat who enjoys jumping and playing.

Abyssinians are a breed that always seems to have a plan. They walk around the house as though they’re on their way somewhere essential and enjoy finding things to do and a place to go. 

The Abyssinian cat is an active cat that doesn’t often appreciate sitting in an owner’s lap. Abyssinian cats thrive with other pets, including dogs in the house, to play with and use all of their excess energy.

The Abyssinian has smooth planes on her head and is mild in appearance. Her triangular head has a gentle dip in it. Her wide ears are tipped forward on her head, giving her an alert, conscious appearance as though she is constantly paying attention to what is going on around her. Her alertness and intellect are reflected in her wide eyes, which appear large on her face.

The Abyssinian has a short coat and tufts of hair between her face. The Abyssinian has a distinctive colouring. Colour bands run across most of the fur, with the skin becoming darker around the spine line. Under the collar, the underside of the cat, and the insides of her legs, the colour on her body softens and lightens.

Cat Breeds That Can Jump High: The Somali

A Somali cat laying on a white blanket

The Somali cat is one of the 12 breeds of cat that can jump the highest. The Somali is a medium-sized cat with well-developed muscles and a long body that aid in jumping high from perches.

The Somali has longer hair than the Abyssinian and is similar in colour and activity level. Somalis are curious and playful cats who often greet their owners at the door and are known for being extremely friendly and outgoing. It can be learned to fetch, play games, and even walk on a leash because it enjoys human contact and attention. Some owners claim that their Somalis will explore their homes from top to bottom, holding cat food and items in their paws like monkeys.

The Somali appears to be mild in appearance, with smooth planes on her head. Her triangular head has a gentle dip in it. Her wide ears are tilted forward, giving her a warning, conscious appearance as though she is still paying attention. The intelligence and alertness inherent in the breed are reflected in the eyes, which appear huge in the face.

The Somali’s coat is thick, with large tufts of hair in the ears. The hair is fuzzy but not woolly, and the tail, like a fox’s, is fluffy. The Somali has unique colouring. Each hair has bands of colour on most fur, with the coat being darker along the spine line. Under the collar, the underside of the cat, and the insides of the legs, the colour softens and lightens. She has a rugged appearance, but it is not severe, except for the colour of her fur, which has bands of colour that give her a richness and complexity not seen in other breeds.

All of the breeds on this list, including the Somali, enjoy activities like leash training and agility as a healthy and constructive outlet for their energy. They’re also bred to be close to their owners and to participate in household events.

Cat Breeds That Can Jump High: The Bengal

A Bengal cat standing side on facing the camera outside on grass.

The Bengal cat is one of the 12 breeds of cat that can jump the highest. In appearance, the Bengal is very similar to a wild cat. She’s a big cat with a lot of muscle, but her boning is surprisingly light for her size. Their body posture and big size help them in high jumping. All about her appears enormous, massive, and thick when you see her. The medium leg length is the only thing that is moderate.

The Bengal cat, which is easily recognized by its rugged appearance, still maintains the lively and very involved personality of its Asian leopard cat ancestors.

Bengals are brilliant cats that need a job (almost like a Border Collie or Australian Shepherd) and enjoy exploring every cranny and nook of a house. Bengals, who have a lush, thick coat with distinctive spots in a marbled, rosette, horizontal, or random pattern, enjoy the company of their people and will thrive in a family that is involved and eager to include their Bengal in household activities. It’s vital to provide a sporty cat with plenty of outlets for their energy, which can range from playing games with your Bengal to enlisting another pet in the house (either a cat or a dog) to keep them busy.

The Bengal’s head is broad and triangular. Her neck is thick, her feet are comprehensive, and her tail is thick. The infusion of the Tabby gene in the original hybridization limits the trends in most cases. A brown-spotted Bengal cat does have the appearance of a wild cat. The spots on the coat should not be arranged in a row but rather tend to be strewn about.

Bengals have a short coat that can feel a little rough at times. It’s a non-matting coat that’s easy to care for.

Cat Breeds That Can Jump High: The Cornish Rex

A multicoloured Cornish Rex cat laying down

The Cornish Rex cat is one of the 12 breeds of cat that can jump the highest. Cornish Rex cats range in size from small to medium. She seems to be a big cat until you pick her up because she sits high on her legs. As viewed from the edge, the underside of her body forms an upward curve that parallels the upward curve of her backbone. Their body structure helps these cats in jumping.

The Cornish Rex dubbed the Greyhound of the cat world because of their elegant appearance and short, single coat, is especially friendly with people, and enjoys learning. The Cornish Rex is a naturally curious breed that loves getting into things around the house and having fun. Its fluffy, curly coat sheds less than other breeds, making it a good choice for allergy sufferers.

The Cornish Rex may seem dainty due to her slender boning, but this cat is athletic and not at all delicate.

The Cornish Rex has a short, narrow head with wide ears and eyes that appear more prominent than its height. Her nose is Roman, her chin is strong, and her legs are long and slender. The tail is also long and lean, with a lot of versatility.

The Cornish Rex has a distinctive coat among cats. It’s silky and smooth, but it curls up into waves that resemble cornrows.

Cat Breeds That Can Jump High: The Devon Rex

A Devon Rex cat against a grey wall

The Devon Rex cat is one of the 12 breeds of cat that can jump the highest. While the head appears wide and the chest is extended, an adult Devon Rex is a medium-sized cat. Males have medium boning, while females may have lighter boning, resulting in slightly larger males than females. They can jump high due to their body frame.

The Devon Rex is an active breed that stays out of trouble while its people aren’t home. It’s another intelligent, affectionate breed that loves nothing more than cuddling up with its people and staying warm. Devon Rexes have a short, wavy coat with a washboard appearance and lavish attention on their owners and make tireless playmates.

The Devon Rex is a strange-looking creature. The nose tends to change course just below the eyes, and the head is triangular. The eyes are enormous, as are the ears set low on the head and have a broad base. The butterfly ears and the other distinguishing facial features give the breed a pixie or elf-like appearance.

The Devon Rex’s fuzzy, curly coat is also unique. Many Devon’s lack fur in certain areas, especially those where she can lick herself. The coat is delicate, and even grooming it can cause the hair to fall out entirely. Devons’ whiskers are also prone to breaking due to their brittleness.

Cat Breeds That Can Jump High: The Egyptian Mau

An Egyptian Mau cat sitting down looking at the camera

The Egyptian Mau cat is one of the 12 breeds of cat that can jump the highest. The Egyptian Mau is a big cat that is usually medium in size, with males being larger than females. The Mau is a strong creature with a lot of muscle which aid in high jumping.

The Egyptian Mau is a breed that excels in cat agility sports. It likes to run, jump, and play. Egyptian Maus are a long, graceful breed with a distinctive collection of spots and markings ranging in shapes and sizes. Their faces have an M-shaped mark on the forehead and two black lines across the cheeks. The breed is famous for its even temperament and trainability, and it excels at fetching objects for its pet parents, which may be a trait passed down from its ancestors who were used to retrieve game.

The head of the Mau is triangular, with large almond-shaped eyes and slightly shaped ears. Except for the marked tabby markings on her hair, her profile is gentle, and nothing on her appears severe.

Maus has a medium-length coat that is shiny and fluffy. The coat has spots all over it, with tabby stripes on the forehead, extremities, and tail. Most Maus have a flap of looser skin that runs from the flanks to the knees on the hind legs.

Cat Breeds That Can Jump High: The Japanese Bobtail

A grey Japanese Bobtail outside looking back at the camera

The Japanese Bobtail cat is one of the 12 breeds of cat that can jump the highest. Japanese Bobtails come in both longhair and shorthair varieties and are medium-sized cats. Males are generally larger than females. They are tall, slender cats with strong muscles that enable them to leap great distances.

The Japanese Bobtail, a medium-sized breed with a sleek, athletic build, is a sweet, intelligent cat that enjoys being with people and gets along well with other cats it’s been raised with but may be wary of new pets or cats in the house. If you want to acquire a companion for your Japanese Bobtail to keep it occupied, make sure you properly introduce the cats and socialize your Bobtail with other animals from a young age. The Japanese Bobtail is a breed that craves affection and has been known to play in the water. It enjoys playing with children and jumping and prancing around the house.

The Bobtail’s head is shaped like an equilateral triangle, with the tall ears perched atop the head and angled slightly forward. The cheekbones stand out. When viewed from the front, the eyes are rounded, but they are slanted when viewed from the side. The nose has a slight inclination. The Bobtail’s back legs are longer than her front legs, but she maintains a level stance. The small, kinked tail that occurs naturally is as unique as a fingerprint, and no two are alike. This tail is complete and total, including all vertebrae found in long-tailed cats’ tails. The tail is smaller than that of other breeds, but it is still visible. The kinking of the tail allows the fur on the tail to stretch or stick out, giving it a bunny tail appearance. The extra length of the hair on the tail of the long-haired Japanese Bobtail will cause the tail to the plume.

A Japanese Bobtail’s coat is smooth and silky, with minimal undercoat. The Shorthair Bobtail has a short coat, while the Longhair Bobtail has fur slightly longer than the Shorthair Bobtail’s but only to a medium length. On the back of the thighs, where the coat forms britches around the waist, and on the belly and tail, the size of hair on the long hair is more noticeable.

Cat Breeds That Can Jump High: The Ocicat

A close up picture of an Ocicat.

The Ocicat is one of the 12 breeds of cat that can jump the highest. The Ocicat is a devoted breed that gets along well with other cats and accepts new cats than other breeds. It will frequently use its athletic skills to leap onto high bookcases or shelves to investigate its surroundings.

The Ocicat was raised to have a rugged appearance, but unlike the Bengal, it does not have wild cat ancestors. Ocicats can learn commands and be leash trained to provide an outlet for their energy, as evidenced by their exotic build and distinctive spotted coat.

The Ocicat is an intelligent creature. Teach her tricks and provide her with puzzle toys that reward her with kibble or treats when she learns how to manipulate them to keep her brain challenged and interested in life. She enjoys playing catch, responding to commands, and engaging in other behaviours, and she may be able to learn to walk on a leash. If you show her what you want—for example, if you don’t want her jumping on the kitchen counter—she’ll probably comply, mainly if you provide her with an alternative, such as a stool to sit on so she can supervise food preparation.

She will, predictably, hit the highest points in your house, and that’s where you’ll always find her, keeping an eye on her family. She’s busy playing with her toys when she’s not sitting on high. Don’t be shocked if she becomes enamoured with them and attempts to prevent you from putting them up.

Cat Breeds That Can Jump High: The Siamese

A Siamese cat laying down on a cream sofa

The Siamese cat is one of the 12 breeds of cat that can jump the highest. The Siamese cat is long and graceful. The body, the spine, the legs, and the tail are all long, due to which they leap high whenever they needed.

The Siamese are social and outgoing breeds that enjoy human company and happily spend the day chatting with its owners about what it wants and when it wants it. Siamese is a breed that enjoys playing games with other cats. They do well in pairs and are usually content to spend time in their owners’ laps if given enough daily exercise. The Siamese has short fur that is simple to maintain and comes in four colours: seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac point. It has big ears, blue eyes, and a sleek, slender build. If left alone for an unlimited period, the Siamese will become lonely and depressed, and they will let you know.

The breed is a medium-sized dog with a well-muscled body.

The Siamese cat is a cat that goes to lengths. The head is in the form of a long triangle. The tall ears are positioned on the head to continue the triangle. The nose is straight and long. The legs are slender and long. The tail is long and thin, ending in a point. The eyes are light blue and almond-shaped.

The coat of a Siamese is short, shiny, and close to the body. The slim body, blue eyes, and contrast between the body colour and the darker colour of the extremities are all attractive features of the Siamese cat. Colour constraint, or pointing, is the term for this comparison. The hair on the ears, feet, and tail is different from the rest of the body, and this darker colour gradually blends into the body’s lighter colour. A mask with the same deeper point colour can also be seen on the forehead. The mask covers the entire face, including the eyes and whisker pads. The mask is more petite in a cat and progressively rises as she develops.

Cat Breeds That Can Jump High: The Balinese

A The Balinese cat with bright blue eyes laying down

The Balinese cat is one of the 12 breeds of cat that can jump the highest. Balinese cats are medium-sized cats with long, tubular bodies. These tubular bodies help them in jumping high. She is a slim cat with delicate bones, but she does not appear to be underweight.

The Balinese, which has a fuller coat than its Siamese relatives, is more active, affectionate, and people-oriented. They move well and succeed in agility and leash training when socialized at a young age. The Balinese, another chatty breed, enjoys jumping and climbing and gets along well with other cats.

The head is shaped like a long triangle, with the ears set to look as if they continue the triangle. The breed’s deep blue, slanted eyes, as well as the darker colour on the breed’s extremities, tail, ears, and face, give the Balinese its distinct appearance.

The Balinese have medium-length hair rather than long hair. The easiest way to find out the length is to examine the fur on the tail. There is no undercoat, and the coat is smooth and silky.

Cat Breeds That Can Jump High: The Oriental Short-haired

A ginger Oriental Short-haired cat sitting down

The Oriental Shorthaired cat is one of the 12 breeds of cat that can jump the highest. The Oriental cat is a long, graceful creature. The body is long, like the spine, legs, and tail. She is a medium-sized female with good muscle definition that supports high leaps and jumps.

The Oriental Shorthair is an aggressive, extroverted breed with a naturally high prey drive who enjoys playing, particularly with toys that it can pounce on. The Oriental Shorthair is similar to the Siamese in body shape and personality. Still, it comes in a wide range of colours and patterns, including pure white, ebony, chestnut, bi-colour, and tabby. The Oriental is a breed that enjoys being the centre of attention and can become irritable if overlooked. It is less communicative than the Siamese, but it will thrive in a home with caring owners who have several pets or are willing to engage with it regularly.

The Oriental is a cat that lives on the outside. The head is in the form of a long triangle. The tall ears are designed to continue the triangle. The nose is straight and long. The legs are slender and long. The tail is long and thin, ending in a point. The almond-shaped eyes are usually a bright green colour. The eyes of white Orientals can be blue, green, or unusual. The eyes of the pointed Oriental are blue.

The coat of the Oriental Shorthair is short, shiny, and close to the fur. Instead of a full, flowing coat, the longhair version has a medium-length coat.

Cat Breeds That Can Jump High: The Singapura

A Singapura cat sitting down on a silk piece of material

The Singapura cat is one of the 12 breeds of cat that can jump the highest. The Singapura, the tiniest of all cat breeds, maintains its kitten-like appearance and personality throughout its existence and enjoys performing and socializing with people. The Singapura is a social, affectionate breed that is trusting and loyal and can befriend almost anyone. But remember, they jump very high, especially during playing.

Although Singapura’s unusual appearance can initially pique your interest, it is her personality that will make her a favourite family pet. The breed is a medium-sized dog with a well-muscled body.

The Singapura is the tiniest domestic cat breed, weighing as little as four pounds in adult females. Males weigh more but only reach a maximum weight of eight pounds. The Singapura cat’s small size isn’t the only distinguishing feature of the breed. Her saucer-sized eyes are framed in black, and she has oversized ears and unusual colouring.

The breed only comes in one colour: a sepia-toned coat made up of hair with at least two dark ticking bands separated by light bands, culminating in a dark tip. Meanwhile, the cat’s muzzle, chin, and chest have a Manx appearance.

The Singapura is a medium-sized cat with a stocky build and many bones. Fanciers can not know how big the Singapura may be at maturity because she seems more significant than she is.

With a round head, round eyes, round whisker pads, and a round rump, the Singapura is a rounded cat. When viewed from behind, the ears form a rocker shape. The Singapura’s back end is higher than her front, which is visible when she stands.

Your hand will slip down the rump of the fully tailless Singapura without stopping and without noticing any protuberance. Rumpies is the name given to these cats. Not all Singapura are bare-chested. Since particular Singapura cats have a small stump of a tail, they are known as Stumpies. Others are Rumpy Risers because the small tail rises when the hand goes down around the rump. This small tail may be covered by a fat pad when a Rumpy Riser gets older, and it will no longer rise when you pet it. Manx kittens are born with full tails on some and half tails on others.

The Manx has a double body coat, which is short. It becomes thick and dense as a result of this. Certain cat registries also recognize a long-haired Singapura. Some call the long-haired Cymric, while others refer to her as a long-haired Singapura.

Related Questions:

What’s the World Highest Jump by a Cat?

The longest jump by a cat is 213.36 cm (7+ ft) and was achieved by Waffle the Warrior Cat (USA), in Big Sur, California, USA, on 30 January 2018.

Why Are Cats So Much Better at Jumping Than Dogs?

The first discovery that cats are excellent hunters led to the domestication of the animal. On the other hand, cats are highly agile and have strong back legs, allowing our domestic cats to leap up to seven times their height, which is significantly more than a dog. It means their flexible body structure allows them to jump way higher than dogs.

How Can Cats Jump So High?

A cat’s versatile musculoskeletal structure allows them to leap high and has excellent agility and balance. A cat’s powerful hindquarters and back muscles allow them to jump several times their length, either horizontally or vertically.

At What Age Can A Cat Jump The Highest?

A cat can jump the highest when it is around one year old. A fit and stable one-year-old cat would jump much higher than a tiny kitten or an elderly cat suffering from a health problem such as arthritis.


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