Can Cats Eat Bananas?

Can cats eat bananas, plate with chopped bananas, a whole and a peeled banana

Can cats eat bananas? Although bananas are non-toxic to cats, they are not necessarily easy for cats to digest. On the positive side, a cat’s health can benefit from the fibre, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and folate present in bananas, only when not consumed in excess. Bananas, although nutritious for humans, are not so much beneficial for cats. Especially since the sugar content in bananas is not necessary for the cat’s regular diet.

Can cats eat bananas?

Generally, bananas are not recommended for your cat’s diet, but they can eat bananas as a treat in some conditions. Cats are considered obligative carnivores, and they have a crucial need for meat protein, which they need in their diet more than many other pets. It also means that their digestive system is not correctly adjusted to a high-nutrient diet based on plants, including bananas.

Bananas are high in sugar and carbohydrates, causing diarrhea, diabetes, and weight gain. Therefore, although cats may have bananas, it is best to treat them in moderation, or you can give the banana to your pet when your cat has some medical conditions such as diabetes. If in doubt, ask your vet-Doc for advice before offering your cat bananas.

A recent research study suggests that if you force your cat to eat a banana for several days instead of meat or commercial raw food, she will become habitual. And after some days if you offer both meat and banana to your cat, she always selects bananas. Also, bananas stimulate the brain for healthy growth

Are bananas good for cats?

Bananas are an incredibly nutritious fruit and are considered a healthy snack in the human diet. Fiber, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C all make this fruit great for us. However, a cat fed decent, high-quality food. Wholesome commercial cat food always has all these essential nutrients in its diet, and the cat will not require any additional nutritional supplements such as fruit or bananas. The health issues outweigh the potential health benefits, which is why fruits like bananas should only be given as a treat to your furry friends.

Banana’s Benefits:

Full of potassium: This mineral helps the cat’s health with the heart and kidneys’ proper function. However, too much potassium in a cat’s body is just as dangerous as an insufficient amount.
Folate-rich: Folate or folic acid helps the cat’s body to metabolize protein and build new cells.
An adequate fiber supply: While bananas contain fiber, which makes the cat regular, too much of it can cause diarrhea. Usually, when a cat eats a banana, it only absorbs dietary fiber.

Cats are often entirely indifferent to sweet foods such as bananas. Their sense of taste is different from ours, and they can detect salt, bitter, sour, and umami, but they are unable to detect the sweet taste. If your cat is weird, enjoying a banana bite at any one time, it could mean that they are neophilic, i.e., they like trying new things! However, remember that bananas contain a high amount of sugar in them can harm your pet’s health, as we discussed above

How to feed your cat bananas?

If your cat keeps begging for a banana bite, you can offer one at a time unless the doctor advises.
Allergies to bananas are incredibly rare, but they can happen to cats. Contact your vet immediately if you experience any allergic symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, swelling of the face, and tingling of the skin.

Ditch the banana peel: Always remove the banana peel as it may be at risk of suffocation. Cats can’t properly digest even banana peels, so it’s best to stay out of reach. Overall, if the cat ingests that peel, it is not friendly to its digestive system.

Cut the banana into cutting-sized pieces: Cut a small portion into the appropriate cutting-sized pieces.

Observe your cat’s reaction: Start with a small tasting first, and keep an eye on your pet if there are any unusual reactions. Offer your pet cat a small piece and observe if there is an allergic reaction. Most of the time, the symptoms emerge immediately after eating. If allergic symptoms occur, call your vet.

Can small kittens eat bananas?

Adult cats can eat bananas if given as a treat, but what about young kittens? For the first ten months of life, kittens should be fed specially prepared foods suitable for their life stage, containing high levels of calcium, magnesium, protein, and other essential nutrients. However, towards the end of this period, treats should be offered, including bananas. Remember, it is always good to ask your vet before feeding your cat new foods.

Are cats afraid of bananas?

Considering the number of disturbing online videos that have bothered the felines, the answer may be yes. But what exactly is it about this tropical fruit that breaks the spirit of your feline companion? The culprit may be the banana peel itself, which releases ethyl acetate. Cats are not big fans of smell, so some owners even rub banana peels on their favorite furniture to protect them from cat claws.

Another possible explanation is that tall fruits and vegetables look like snakes initially, which surprises the cat. Either way, it is not suggested to try to scare a pet in this way. Although many people find these videos amusing at first, the experience causes a lot of stress that is not good for your cat’s health or well-being.

Can cats have banana bread in their daily diet?

If the ingredients of your banana bread are cat-safe, banana bread is safe for your cat to eat. However, banana bread is very much sweet and sugary. So, it cannot be suitable for your cat’s digestive health and dental health.

If you want to share this treat with your cat, give only small pieces. But, there are many other superior snacks you can feed your cat. So, go for them.

Cat Banana Commercial Treats:

There are a few commercial banana treats to serve your kitten or cat. They are:
Cat kibble with added bananas
Fresh chunks of bananas, mashed
Dried bananas treat
Fresh chunks of bananas, mashed with water.

Here are some dried banana treats suitable to give to your cat:

Alternatives to Banana for Cats:

If your cat or kitten dislikes bananas, all hope isn’t lost. There are other vegetables and fruits; you can feed them instead of bananas like:

Here is the most recent guide for cat nutrition approved by scientists and researchers.


In short, cats can eat bananas, although this is not recommended. If fed, they should be given in terms of treats and always under the owner’s supervision.


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