Are Tuxedo Cats Smart? (5 Great Ways To Find Out?)

A Black and White Tuxedo Cat outside.

Tuxedo cats are easily recognisable with their black and white fur. Tuxie owners always claim that Tuxedo cats are among the smartest of all cats. But is this true? In this blog post, we will explore if tuxedo cats are truly smart and a way to measure intelligence in cats.

Are Tuxedo cats smart? Research has shown that Tuxedo cats can be up to 200% smarter than other cats. Tuxedo cat owners would agree that their Tuxedos are very smart.

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How Can You Measure Cat Intelligence?

There are a few ways you can measure your cat’s intelligence. A few of the most reliable ways to measure a cat’s intelligence are:

Problem Solving:

One way to measure a cat’s intelligence is how quickly it can solve problems. This can be done by presenting your cat with a pain they have never seen before and timing how long it takes them to solve it. In addition, there are various problem-solving cat toys available online or at your local pet shop.

Hiding Your Cats Favorite Toy

Another way to test your cat’s intelligence is by hiding their favourite toy and seeing if they can find it. Cat owners can do this by placing the toy in various places around the house. You will tell how smart your cat is by how fast they can find their hidden toy.

Watching Your Cat Play

Another way to measure your cat’s intelligence is by watching them play. More intelligent cats will be able to play with various toys and adjust their games accordingly. For example, less intelligent cats might get frustrated when they can’t catch the toy because it keeps moving away from them, but more intelligent cats would adapt their game and figure out a way to capture their moving toy.

Watch Prey On A TV Screen

Watching mice or birds on a TV screen is another way to measure your cat’s intelligence. If your cat can identify the moving object on the screen as prey, they are more likely to be smart. More intelligent cats have a better understanding of natural behaviour and know that only living creatures move around like this.

Cats who seem less interested in watching TV or movies might not be as intelligent because they can’t recognise what’s happening on the screen. In contrast, more observant and curious cats will be more intelligent.

Move A Small Toy Out Of Site:

Moving a small toy out of sight will test your cat’s intelligence by seeing if they can work out how to get to the toy even though they can’t see it. This is one of my favourite games to play with Owlie, as her eyes become HUGE as she tries to find the toy she can hear.

Are Tuxedo cats smart? -A black and white Tuxedo cat laying on a grey sofa

What Makes Tuxedo Cats So Smart?

There are a few things that make Tuxedo cats so bright:

  1. Their black and white fur helps them stand out in the dark, giving them an advantage when hunting prey at night.
  2. Their unique coat pattern allows them to camouflage into different environments, making it harder for prey to spot them.
  3. Tuxedo cats have been selectively bred over the years to be smarter than other cats.

As most breeds of cats can have Tuxedo markings, different Tuxedo cats will have different levels of intelligence.

Tuxedo Cat Breeds

There are many different breeds of tuxedo cat including Birmans, British Shorthairs and Russian Blues. Each breed has its own unique coat pattern which is what makes them so recognisable. Tuxie owners can also choose from a variety of different tuxedo cat names to suit their feline friends.

Other Cat Breeds That Can Have A Tuxedo Coact:

  1. American Shorthair
  2. Maine Coons,
  3. Turkish Angora
  4. Domestic Coats.


So, are tuxedo cats smart? There is no doubt that they are very smart, but how do you measure a cat’s intelligence? There are a few ways to test your cat’s intelligence, and we have listed some of the most reliable methods above. Whether you own a tuxedo cat or not, we hope you have enjoyed reading this article and found it informative.

Are you convinced that your Tuxedo kitty is one of the smartest felines around? If so, be sure to tell us why in the comments below! And if not, share with us your favourite intelligence test for cats. We would love to hear from you.


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