About The Cats On My Mind:

Here at Cats On My Mind, we are obsessed with everything related to our feline friends!… Literally Everything!

Cats On My Mind was developed to give cat parents a place to go to get all the latest information, tips, and resources to give their fur babies the best life!

How We Do Our Project Reviews

We know choosing the right product for your kitty can be exhausting and sometimes very stressful.

What makes Cats On My Mind different from other cat blogs? Here at Cats On My Mind we aim to get our hands on as many products as possible so we can physically test as many cat products as possible.

By testing all the products we are able to give you a true recommendation of products we have tried and love. This will save you time and money- and who doesn’t love saving money?!

About The Author:

image of Rochelle the author of Cats On My Mind

Hiya, I’m Rochelle.

As a kid growing up I begged and begged my mother for a cat because all the cool kids had cats right?! Several years of hard graft my mum finally gave in and we went to Battersea Dogs and Cats home to pick up our new family member and the rest is history. Since then we have always had cats in the house, although it was mostly strays that turned up and refused to leave.

Since leaving the nest I have fostered an elderly cat with multiple health conditions from the RSPCA.

I now live with Owlie, who is one of the rescue cats from my mother’s house. Ever since doing my science degree I naturally over research EVERYTHING. My desire to give Owlie all the best things to allow her to live her best life means that I go through hours of research for every element of her life.

If the weather permits I often take Owlie Cat on walks around our local area. We do this both on and off lead – which we get a lot of attention from as not many people walk their cats in London.

The reason I started this blog was to help fellow cat lovers with picking all the best things for their own cats by saving them time by not having to research everything on their own.

Products and services on this blog are all my personal recommendations. I will not recommend something I do not truly believe in!

About Owlie

Owlie cat looking directly at the camera with her big beautiful yellow/ green eyes. Owlie is a small brown tabby cat

Owlie is a rescue cat from the RSPCA. She was adopted with her “brother” George. Later down the line Hector, who was a stray, decided to move in.

We adopted George and Owlie when they were 5 & 3 years old. According to her records Owlie was born in 2010, which means she is a mature lady. But don’t tell her that, she still acts like a kitten. At only 5 pounds she also looks like a kitten.

She has adapted so well to being an indoor cat but we occasionally go for walks if the weather is nice.

You can keep up to date with Owlie on her Instagram page.