10 Cat Breeds Like Bengals (Including Pictures)

a close up of a Bengal cat laying down

The Bengal cat resembles a mini wild tiger. Bengal cats are genuinely magnificent creatures; their poise and grace are hypnotic, so it’s easy to see why their appearance is enticing. 

Bengals weigh 6–15 pound on average and have a lifespan of 14–16 years.

Bengal possesses a curious, playful, intellectual, and dynamic personality. 

The Bengal was first created in 1963 by Jean S. Mill by breeding small wild Asian Leopard Cats with typical domestic shorthaired cats. As a result, the cat has a feral appearance yet gets along with humans and other animals, including dogs.

The Bengal is an innovative, active, and curious cat that enjoys climbing trees and being outside, and they can be trained to walk on a leash.

The Bengal is best suited for owners who will be home to entertain and exercise these active cats most of the day.

Bengal cats are very expensive! As fantastic as these cats are, they are not accessible to everyone. So, here in this article, we discuss all the other cat breeds that have the appearance of Bengals while being safe, trainable, and most importantly, loveable.

What Cat Breeds Are Similar To The Bengal?

A Bengal Cat laying down on a white floor looking behind it.

Ten cat breeds are similar to the Bengal cat. They are:

  1. Toyger
  2. Savannah
  3. Pixie – Bob
  4. Bombay
  5. Egyptian Mau
  6. Serengeti
  7. American Bobtails
  8. Ocicat
  9. Chausie
  10. Cheetoh

1. Toyger

A Toyger cat laying down against a white background.
  • Toyger Weight range: 7–15 lbs.
  • Toyger Life Span: 10–15 years of life span
  • Toyger Personality: Intelligent, friendly, easygoing, and dynamic personality

The Toyger is a cosmetic breed that was initially produced in 1980 by Judy Sugden. While this “toy tiger” appears to be a smaller version of a genuine tiger, it is descended from a line of entirely domestic animals and has no wild blood. It is a great replacement option for Bengal for pet parents. Its tiger-like colours and patterns with amiable and laid-back demeanour resemble completely with Bengal cat.

2. Savannah

A Savannah cat laying down on stone facing the camera.
  • Savannah Weight Range: 12–25 pound weight range
  • Savannah Life Span: 12–20 years of life span
  • Savannah Personality: sharp, interested, devoted to family, apprehensive of strangers, and energetic

Judy Frank created the Savannah, a hybrid cat, in the 1980s. Frank bred an African Serval with a domestic cat, and Patrick Kelley and Joyce Sroufe further developed the mix in the 1990s.

 Savannahs may not be allowed to be raised as domestic cats in some states due to their hybrid lineage. Check your state’s regulations and consider adopting from a shelter or a reputable breeder. But due to their rugged patchy appearance, they look almost the same as Bengal.

3. Pixie-Bob

A grey Pixie Bob laying down half asleep
  • Pixie-Bob Weight Range: 8–11 pound weight range
  • Pixie-Bob Life expectancy: 15 years
  • Pixie-Bob Personality: Loyal, social, and playful personality

The Pixie-bob was created by an unintentional cross between a bobcat and a barn cat. While the Pixie-bob appears to belong in the wild, he is gentle and friendly. Due to its affectionate behaviour towards its pet parents, these cats completely resemble Bengal. This cat breed is devoted to his family and gets along with everyone, including dogs.

4. Bombay

A Bombay cat laying down on white decking.
  • Bombay Cat Weight Range: 8–12 pound weight range
  • Bombay Cat Lifespan: 15–20 years of life span
  • Bombay Cat Personality: Tolerant, easygoing, and playful personality

The Bombay may resemble a miniature black panther, but she is far from vicious. In the company of her folks, she enjoys playing and relax around the house, which beautiful skin markings make this cat almost identical to Bengal cats. Bombay is a laid-back cat that is friendly and tolerant of other pets and people. He may, however, become envious of other cats because she enjoys being the centre of attention.

5. Egyptian Mau

An Egyptian Man cat sitting infant of a white background
  • Egyptian Mau Weight Range: 7–9 lbs.
  • Egyptian Mau Lifespan: 13–16 years of life span
  • Egyptian Mau Personality: Enjoys heights, is active, and has a strong will.

The Egyptian Mau has slender, slim and long legs and the demeanour of a god/goddess from Egypt. They enjoy climbing and perching on high vantage points (precisely the same as Bengals) to watch their kingdom and subjects. They’re also quick runners who need a lot of room to run and play.

6. Serengeti

A young Serengeti cat against a white background.
  • Serengeti Weight Range: 8–15 pound weight range
  • Serengeti Lifespan:13–15 years of life span
  • Serengeti Personality: active, enjoy heights and is outgoing.

Karen Sausman, a conservation biologist, established this designer breed in 1994 by selectively breeding an Oriental Shorthair and a Bengal to produce the wild markings seen today. As Bengal is considered Serengeti’s ancestral breed, they both resemble a lot in many characters. The Serengeti is a friendly cat who likes to jump and climb. This cat will find its own enjoyment if it is not provided with stimulus in the form of human company or interactive play (a.k.a. destroy your house).

7. American Bobtails

A ginger American Bobtail kitten
  • American Bobtails Weight range: 7–16 lbs.
  • American Bobtails Lifespan: 13–15 years of life span
  • American Bobtails Personality:Friendly, educated, committed, and easygoing personality

This ferocious-looking feline is a softie at heart. She will warm up to anyone who pays attention to him and enjoys company, whether it’s humans, other cats, or even dogs. She’s laid-back, friendly, and adaptable. Because they get along with everyone and have a calm and amiable nature, they make excellent travellers and therapy cats. The American Bobtail is the only cat for you if you’ve ever wanted a cat with a Bengal’s personality.

8. Ocicat

An Ocicat standing next to an Oak tree
  • Ocicat Weight range: 7–14 lbs.
  • Ocicat Lifespan: 10–15 years of life span
  • Ocicat Personality: Confident, lively, gregarious, and loyal personality

The Ocicat has the appearance of a small cheetah, just the same as Bengal, yet she is devoid of wild blood. She is a busy person who would fit in nicely with an active and dynamic household. She enjoys playing, conversing with her people, participating in family events, and getting to know visitors. Because the Ocicat is pleasant and enthusiastic in general, she needs interaction and attention.

9. Chausie

A close up image of a Chausie cat.

Another high-energy feline to add to the Bengal mix! Chausie’s must be sufficiently stimulated, or they will grow restless and destructive about the house. Their eyes, pointed ears, and angled legs give them a tiger-like shape that resembles Bengal, even though they don’t have tiger stripes like the other cats mentioned above. If you decide to adopt one of these tiger-like cats, make sure to acquire one of the best dry cat meals recommended by veterinarians.

10. Cheetoh

A Cheetoh kitten

Isn’t this a cute name? Cheetohs are high-energy animals who enjoy playing. Their markings on their fur give them a Bengal-like appearance, although some of them can also have tiger stripes. The Cheetoh, which was only bred for the first time in 2001, has a reputation for being sweet, easy to train, and loyal. Perhaps you can teach your Cheetoh to do one of these life-changing behaviours, such as walking on a leash just like Bengal.


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